About Jugo Feed

Hi there,

Welcome to my food blog. I’m Claire!

Claire Onidi and her husband
Me and my husband

About My Blog

I started JugoFeed in 2022 but I’ve been cooking for longer than that. On my blog, you’ll discover lots of easy and delicious recipes for every day.

My goal with this blog is to share easy-to-follow recipes, with some basic tips and techniques and inexpensive ingredients. But in the end, you’ll have restaurant-quality dishes.
I’ll also share my own pics of the dishes — so you know you can do it too.

Baking with my daughter
Baking with my daughter

My Background

I don’t have any particular background or food degree but I’m incredibly passionate about food and I love creating new recipes that I can share with my community.
I’m also in love with pastries (especially French pastries). I cook and bake A LOT, mostly when my children are sleeping and my husband is watching TV.

I learned everything I know from my father, who learned everything he knows from his grandmother. So cooking is kind of a family tradition and transmission.

We are huge fans of Mediterranean-style cooking because we’re all born in this area (think of Italy, Sardinia, or the South of France). But I’m really curious and I also love to discover and replicate other styles of cooking.

I traveled a lot and lived several years abroad which helped me improve my cooking techniques and styles.

Claire Onidi in Geneva
Me in Geneva

We’ve been featured in many popular media and publications. Here are some of them:

Meet The Medical Reviewers

Expert Consultants

I’m dedicated to ensuring my content is current, scientifically accurate and focused on you, the reader. My expert and medical consultants’ extensive training, research, and real-life experience helps make sure we are providing you with information that you know you can trust.


Kirsten Mae Magbanua

Kirsten Mae Magbanua is a graduating student with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Nutrition from University of the Philippines Los Baños. She is set to graduate as magna cum laude this coming August 2022.

Kirsten has been a consistent honor student throughout her college years and has been a member of an academic organization, University of the Philippines Human Ecology Student Society, for 3 years.


Stephanie Small, MS, RDN, LDN

Stephanie Small, MS, RDN, LD is a registered dietitian, business owner, and nutrition researcher with a passion for effective and accurate nutrition communication.

Stephanie owns Stephanie Small Coaching, where she works with recreational and professional athletes by providing an evidence-based, weight-neutral coaching model. She is also currently pursuing her Ph.D. with a research focus on improving breast cancer treatment and survivorship health outcomes using lifestyle interventions.

Stephanie speaks and writes frequently on nutrition-related topics with the hope to minimize the spread of nutrition misinformation and developing educated consumers.

carmela headshot

Carmela Pengelly

Carmela Pengelly BSc Hons, Dip Dietary Therapy, Dip Nut Therapy, is a nutritional therapist and freelance writer.

She has had her own clinic for 9 years and has also worked as a senior practitioner at one of Australia’s largest natural health clinics, NatMed. She currently runs an online practice and nutritional supplement store, and treats patients from all over the world. She uses a functional medicine approach to treat a wide range of health issues. She also specialises in the management of Lyme disease and gut disorders, and has extensive experience in treating small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO).

Before becoming a nutritional therapist, Carmela was a journalist and editor for trade publications for the pharmaceutical industry, and worked for PJB Publications, now part of Informa. As part of this job, she spent two years in New York as the North America editor, and wrote a book on the livestock antiparasitics market.

Her career as a freelance writer has included nutrition-related blogs and e-books for companies including the UK online supplement store, NU U Nutrition, the Australian online farmer’s market, Farm2Market, and podcast content for celebrity nutritionist Rosie Mansfield (Biohacker). Carmela has written an e-book called the Vegan Survival Guide and is currently writing a book on small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). She also writes children’s books in her spare time.

Carmela is based in Perth, Western Australia, having emigrated from the UK in 2012. She is a digital nomad, and travels around Australia as a pet sitter.


Henok Ashagrie Deribew, MS

Henok Ashagrie is a nutrition and food safety consultant with over twelve years of experience.

Henok is passionate about research, writing, and all things nutrition.

Henok received his Master’s Degree in Food Science and Nutrition from Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia and finished top of his class. He is in his final year of Ph.D. study in Food Science and Nutrition at the University of Montpellier in France. His research focuses on exploring and exploiting the roles bacteria could play in fighting the deficiency of B vitamins.

He also develops website articles as a freelancer in the nutrition niche.

With today’s rapidly changing lifestyle practices and dietary habits, Henok passionately strives to help people get accurate information when it comes to food, nutrition, and health.

Felicia Newell, RD author

Felicia Newell, RD, MSc

Felicia Newell, RD, MSc’. Felicia is a Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist, Food and Nutrition Expert, and Health Coach. She is also the owner of Sustain Nutrition. Felicia wears many hats, and knows what it is like to try and live healthy in a busy world, where our environments aren’t always supportive of making healthy choices.

Felicia is passionate in helping others fight through the massive amounts of nutrition misinformation in the online world, and to navigate life and health, but most importantly, to enjoy it while doing it.

She has a Bachelor and Masters in Nutritional Sciences. She has a well-rounded skill set from a range of experiences, including teaching university courses, working as a researcher, a healthcare clinical dietitian, and years of nutrition counselling helping people reach their nutrition goals, on top of being a busy mom of 4 children.


Jane Guo, MS

Jane is a fervent advocate for good nutrition for all people. She currently works as a hospital dietitian practicing evidence-based medical nutrition therapy for adults and infants in the neonatal intensive care unit.

She also writes nutrition content as a freelancer trying to spread nutrition truths while correcting misinformation. She has consulted for a venture-backed nutrition tech startup and wrote content for nutrition and cooking blogs.

Jane is also a member of Alpha Eta, a National Honors Society for Allied Health Professionals. Jane graduated summa cum laude from the University of Georgia with a B.S. in Biochemistry and received her Masters in Clinic Nutrition through the coordinated program at UT Southwestern Medical Center. In her free time, she enjoys playing racquetball and trying new recipes.

Natalie Kravat headshot

Natalie Kravat, RDN, LDN, MS

Natalie Kravat, RDN, LDN, MS is a registered dietitian that is devoted to helping others find a love for healthy eating as well as being successful in reaching health goals. She has a passion for using whole foods to create delicious and convenient recipes and teaches others to use their creativity to do the same!

Natalie graduated from Arizona State University in 2019 with a Master of Science in Nutritional Sciences, where she received extensive training in nutrition research. Her personal research focused on Intermittent Fasting.

Currently, she works with a variety of individuals on a daily basis through nutrition consulting and education. Her main clientele has goals in weight loss and lifestyle change. She uses strategic goal-setting and building new habits to help her clients reach their goals.

Enjoy My Recipes

I hope you’ll enjoy my creations and my recipes. Don’t hesitate to comment on them and let me know if you tried them.

If you’d like to contact me, feel free to check my contact page. I’d love to answer you!