Claire Onidi

Claire is passionate about food since she's a little girl. She learned everything she knows about cooking from her father -- from ingredients and chemistry to cooking techniques.


French, Pastry, Healthy, Mediterranean

– Spend several hours in the kitchen every day
– Took pastries intensives classes in 2018
– Started this blog in 2022


She started to cook scrambled eggs & sausages when she was only 9 and since then she can’t stand being away from her pots and pans. In 2018, she took French pastries classes to improve her art.

She’s a fast learner & autodidact. Even if she specializes in French food, she’s able to replicate any recipes from any country. But what she loves the most is to change it to her own way of cooking.

She also traveled a lot and lived many years abroad which led her to pump up her dishes and discover new spices.

After so many years of experimenting in the kitchen, Claire began writing about food.


Master’s degree in commercial law at the University of Toulouse Capitole 1 in France.

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