32 Festive Christmas Appetizers

Quick Christmas appetizers for any party

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Updated October 2, 2022

Christmas appetizers are the best. There aren’t any limits on flavors, so you can get creative and serve fun recipes to delight your guests at the next Christmas party.

Tables are loaded with all kinds of festive finger foods at every holiday party. And there’s nothing more enjoyable than family time with mouth-watering appetizers as you sit down for Christmas dinner.
Festive Christmas Appetizers

So we’ve rounded up our 32 favorite holiday appetizers to sprinkle some magic over your table this Christmas.

01. Gougères

These delicious bites of cheese-filled Choux pastry are a great twist on the classic Christmas cheeseboard.

Biting through the crisp, golden exterior reveals oozes of melty cheese in the middle. And a pinch of nutmeg ramps up the festive feels with its sweet, woody flavor.

Make sure you serve them warm for the ultimate texture sensation.

02. Cheesy Christmas Tree Bread

This tear ‘n’ share is the perfect appetizer to get people talking at the Christmas party. The fluffy dough balls nestle in together to make the tastiest Christmas tree I’ve ever seen.

Oozing with cheesiness and garlic butter, the sprinkling of fresh herbs cuts through the richness of these cheese balls.

Add a dish of salsa or pesto for dipping, and you’re ready to rock.

03. Guacamole

It’s not a holiday party without chips and dip, and what better choice than this delicious, creamy guacamole.

Made from ripe avocados with a smattering of spice and lime, it’s the perfect dip for tortilla chips and sandwiches.

Ramp up the heat by leaving the jalapeno seeds in, or add a sweet tang with some juicy tomatoes. It’s a super easy dip to tweak to your tastes.

04. Salted Soft Pretzels

It doesn’t get more delicious than soft, chewy pretzels topped with a generous sprinkling of salt.

Baked to golden brown perfection, they leave your home smelling fantastic as the guests arrive.

Short on time? No worries. You can make these in advance and freeze them in a zip-top bag. Just pop them in the toaster or air fryer for 10 minutes when you need them.

05. Tomato Bruschetta

These easy Christmas appetizers are super simple to whip up, yet they’re guaranteed to keep your guests happy with their tangy blend of flavors.

The mix of garlic, tomato, onion, and herbs with the crunch of toasted Italian bread and a drizzle of balsamic glaze is a serious taste sensation.

And the vibrant pop of colors looks spectacular on the holiday table.

06. Zucchini-and-Pecorino Fritters

These cute holiday appetizers are a great way to add some fresh veggies for any fussy eaters.

With grated zucchini, fresh corn, and a generous handful of creamy Pecorino Romana, these fun fritters taste as good as they look. And the crispy cheese on the outside adds an insane crunch for a tongue-tingling texture.

Serve with a sweet chili dip at your next holiday gathering to please guests of all ages.

07. Chicken Meatballs

These moreish cocktail meatballs are the perfect party food for any holiday party.

With lashings of cumin and spicy mayo on the side, your guests won’t keep their hands off them.

Mix ground chicken with panko breadcrumbs, garlic, and spices for a flavorsome feast. Why not pop them in an air fryer for some extra crunch?

08. Spinach and Goat Cheese Tartlets

These bite-sized beauties look like you’ve slaved over a hot stove for hours and will dazzle your guests.

The best bit? They’re quick and easy to whip up.

Phyllo cups are loaded with a creamy spinach and goat cheese filling for the most delicious appetizer at any holiday dinner. Use store-bought phyllo dough to save yourself a heap of time in the kitchen.

09. Black Sesame Olive Oil Cookies

Worried about feeding dairy-free guests on Christmas eve? Fear not! These cookies are oh so chewy and delicious, you’d never even guess they were dairy-free.

The trick is using a sesame seed powder to infuse extra flavor all the way through. And olive oil gives that soft texture we all long for in a cookie.

Get ready to serve these at every Christmas party from now on! They’re the new Christmas cake.

10. French Dip Pinwheels

As far as Christmas appetizer recipes go, this is one of my all time favorites.

Fluffy dough encases a succulent filling of roast beef, caramelized onions, and tangy cheese. And let’s not forget the mouth-watering beef Au Jus for dipping!

You can use sliced deli beef and Crescent roll dough to speed things along. Or swap the dough for puff pastry if you prefer a buttery, flaky texture.

11. Bacon-Wrapped Scallops

This chic holiday appetizer will leave your guests in awe of the restaurant-quality food at your next party.

Golden scallops are wrapped in crispy bacon and drizzled with tangy garlic butter to deepen their flaky buttery flavor.

Serve them on cocktail sticks for the perfect grab-and-go savory bites.

12. Smoked Salmon Dip

Serve this creamy dip with crackers and fresh veggies for the perfect party appetizer.

The blend of salmon, cream cheese, and greek yogurt mixed with bitter lemon and fresh herbs creates a deep smoky flavor with every bite.

And the flakes of fresh salmon give an added depth of texture.

It’ll keep fresh in the fridge for around 4 days, but freezing will ruin the texture.

13. Whipped Feta Crostini

Slices of crusty French baguette are topped with creamy whipped Feta to make one of the best Christmas appetizers for holiday entertaining.

Leave it just as it is and enjoy the saltiness of the feta with olive-oil-soaked bread.

Or top the tasty bases with just about anything to please even the pickiest of guests. Why not try topping with bacon and chives, or some smoked salmon?

14. Antipasto Skewers

Antipasto skewers combine your favorite charcuterie bites in one place for a delicious finger food recipe. The mix of meats and cheese is my go-to appetizer when I’m in a rush.

The tang of fresh tomatoes cuts through the salty salami to create a moreish mouthful. Skewer them ahead of time and drizzle with a balsamic just before serving.

15. Gruyère and Sesame Twists

This recipe is a quick way to bring a touch of elegance to your finger foods this party season.

Adding a sprinkling of sesame seeds and parsley to the classic cheese twist lifts the flavor to new heights.

As delicious as gruyère is when it’s baked inside flaky golden brown pastry, you can swap this for cheddar cheese if you’d prefer.

16. Fig and Blue Cheese Bruschetta

There’s something about the combination of fig jam and blue cheese that makes my mouth water. Adding this recipe to crisp bruschetta slices makes the perfect festive season snack.

Not a fan of fig? You can use other preserves, like plum or apricot.

Or why not mix it up with a spicy festive chutney? You can mix this easy appetizer recipe to tingle your taste buds.

17. Fried Mashed Potato Balls

Warming, feel-good mashed potatoes are given a tasty twist in this holiday appetizer recipe.

A smoky bacon, chive, and garlic middle is wrapped up by creamy potato and a crispy panko breadcrumb exterior. Make plenty of these, as they won’t stick around for long!

Make your mashed potatoes in advance and chill before assembling. Hot oil is the trick for a perfectly crisp crumb.

18. Stuffed Mushrooms

These mind-blowing mushrooms swap the traditional breadcrumb filling for a gluten-free festive alternative.

With spices, red wine, and toasted nuts, these easy appetizers hit the spot for any holiday party.

Cremini mushrooms pack a punch when it comes to flavor, so I suggest using these. White button mushrooms are also suitable, but they don’t have the same taste overload.

19. Cranberry Brie Bites

Is there a better holiday flavor combo than tangy cranberry sauce and creamy brie?

Well, yes actually. Wrap it in buttery golden puff pastry and add some pecans for a seriously intense explosion of taste and texture.

This fuss-free recipe is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser time and time again. Plus, you can make the baked brie bites in advance and freeze if you’re short on time over Christmas.

20. French Cheese Board

Bring a touch of chic to any gathering this festive period with a French cheese platter.

And we’re not just talking cheese and bread, go wild with color and flavor to dazzle your guests.

Creamy cheeses, like brie and camembert, sit at the heart of the spread. Add sharp cornichon pickles, grapes, and cured meats to complete a feast for all of the senses.

21. Stuffed Jalapeño Poppers

These are basically cheese balls with jalapeno and bacon coated in panko bread crumbs that are fried to make an unbelievable taste explosion.

The heat of the chili cuts through the sharp cheddar and salty bacon for a seriously warming holiday appetizer.

Control the heat with the seeds. Jalapenos aren’t too hot if you remove the seeds, so take them all out for a milder mouthful.

22. Bacon Wrapped Dates

Dates are a Christmas staple and this recipe elevates them from a boring tradition to the Queen of appetizers.

The sweet, melty date is encased by a strip of crispy, salty bacon to make moreish finger food.

You can use any type of date, but make sure they’re pitted to save you a whole load of hassle.

23. French Dip Squares

One bite of this appetizer will transport your mind to the streets of Paris. With dijon mustard, cheese, and tender roast beef wrapped in crescent rolls, it’s a real intense flavor sensation.

And not forgetting the sweet tang of caramelized onions, of course! Serve them with the dip of your choice and watch them disappear from the plate.

24. Fried Mac and Cheese Balls

Mac and cheese just got a makeover with this delicious cheese ball recipe.

The classic comfort food is rolled into crispy panko bread crumbs and fried.

The result? A crunchy exterior with a melt-in-the-mouth middle. You can even add some bacon or chorizo if you want to take the taste even further.

25. Deviled Eggs

Christmas appetizers don’t get much better than the classic deviled eggs. You can shake up the creamy yolk filling with any flavors you want or serve with a dusting of paprika to keep it simple.

I love adding a kick of chipotle and red pepper salsa, or some salty chorizo as a festive treat.

However you like them, you can make these the day before and store in the fridge until you’re ready to serve.

26. Pigs In A Blanket

These fun little bites are one of the best Christmas appetizers at any party. And what’s not to love about them?

They’re made from cocktail wieners wrapped in crescent rolls and finished with a lick of garlic butter. Some of my favorite flavors served up in one delicious bite.

For the best results, pop these on some parchment paper before baking. It stops the bottoms from burning.

27. Spinach-Artichoke Crescent

Christmas appetizers should look as good as they taste, and this candy cane recipe does just that.

Cream cheese, artichoke, spinach, and red bell peppers are wrapped up in buttery puff pastry and rolled into a candy cane shape. The lattice top gives you a sneak peek at the mouth-watering filling before you tuck in.

Save leftovers by turning them into a delicious spinach and artichoke soup to get you through the next day.

28. Hummus Wreath

Make a show-stopping centerpiece with this festive hummus wreath. The salt from the feta and kick from green onions lifts the creamy hummus to a whole new level.

I love how the fresh parsley salad topping makes it look like something you’d find hanging on a front door.

Add your choice of dippers, and you’ve got one of the best Christmas appetizers for any gathering.

29. Christmas Tree Roll-Ups

Spinach tortillas add a dash of festive color and a boost of flavor to these simple Christmas appetizers.

And while I love the sweet bell peppers and basil mix, you can add your favorite ingredients to these fun bites.

They’re perfect to rustle up in a hurry and you can make them the day before if you’re tight on time.

30. Skillet Dip Snowman

This super fun recipe is a way to share your favorite sandwich flavors at a festive party. The light and fluffy dough balls circle the snowman’s chicken filling face for a savory appetizer that looks as good as it tastes.

Use store-bought bread dough if you’re in a hurry. There’s no need to spend hours making your own!

31. Pizza Christmas Wreath

This easy appetizer is great in so many ways. Firstly, it looks fantastic. And you can add just about any toppings you want to the pizza base.

Mixed veggies are a great choice to pack in some nutrients over the indulgent holiday season.

And best of all? You can prep it way in advance then just pop it in the oven when you know your guests are on their way!

32. Cauliflower Buffalo Wings

Buffalo sauce hits a spot that nothing else does, but normal wings are so messy. And who wants that fuss at a Christmas party?

This vegan-friendly dish swaps out the faff for one of the best Christmas appetizers to munch anywhere.

Simply serve with a cheddar cheese dip to counteract the heat of the sizzling sauce.

32 Festive Christmas Appetizers


  1. Pick out your favorite recipes you want to serve this holiday season

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