25 Easy Christmas Cocktails

Tis the season for finding your signature cocktail.

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Updated June 15, 2022

Get in the holiday spirit with these delicious Christmas cocktails.

With or without liquor, holiday drinks are a great way to get into the Christmas mood. Flavors like peppermint, ginger, and cloves evoke candy canes and a crackling fire: the perfect Christmas evening.

Peppermint White Christmas Cocktail

There’s something for everyone on this list, whether you like the classics or new inventions.

Try gingerbread martinis, holiday mai tais, or mulled wine. Or make this vegan version of classic eggnog, with a touch of sugar and cinnamon.

Connoisseurs of both classic cocktails and new Christmas traditions will love the drinks on this list. Send off the year in style with your favorite festive cocktail recipe, and get the holiday party started.

Holiday Season Cocktail Recipes

01. Sugar Cookie Martini Christmas Cocktail

This creamy cocktail is perfect for elegant holiday parties. It’s sweet and boozy, and best of all, there are no mixing bowls or rolling pins to clean.

Make sure you use vanilla vodka instead of plain because that’s what really gives you the cookie flavor. And for an even more festive version, rim the glass with sprinkles and top with whipped cream.

02. Merry Christmas Cocktail

Gin always tastes like a Christmas tree to me, so it’s the perfect liquor for a holiday cocktail.

This simple drink has a cranberry juice base with a hint of lemon, so it’s very light and refreshing. Plus, the club soda gives you the perfect fizz.

This is a great choice to serve at a holiday brunch instead of mimosas.

03. Santa’s Hat Christmas Cocktail

This is one of the most whimsical Christmas cocktail recipes because it looks exactly like an inverted Santa hat. So, make sure you have martini glasses on hand for the perfect hat shape.

This cocktail has a very sweet taste because of the grenadine. If it’s too much for you, add extra cranberry juice and a couple drops of red food coloring instead of the grenadine.

04. Mistletoe Kiss Cocktail

Cranberry, lemon, and vodka are a classic cocktail combination. But this drink takes it to the next level with a rosemary simple syrup.

Evoking the heady scent of pine trees, rosemary brings Christmas into your glass. So, make a big batch and give everyone kisses at your next Christmas party.

05. Christmosas

For a holiday season brunch, skip the orange juice and make this mimosa your signature drink.

You can play with different kinds of fruit for the perfect combination. As well, you can add juices such as pomegranate for a stronger fruit flavor.

This is also a great recipe for people who don’t drink alcohol. Simply swap the sparkling wine for sparkling white grape juice.

06. Holly Jolly Christmas Citrus Cocktail Pitcher

Citrus fruits are plentiful around the holidays, so why not use them in Christmas drinks? With this refreshing cocktail, for example, holiday cheer will be plentiful, too.

Choose your favorite citrus fruits, like mandarin or blood oranges, and squeeze them fresh. Then, mix the juice with vodka, elderflower liqueur, and some ginger beer.

Top with pomegranate seeds and a sprig of mint for extra festiveness.

07. Holiday Mai Tai

I associate this classic drink with a beach vacation, but it’s fantastic for Christmas too. The spiced syrup brings warmth to the refreshing citrus flavors.

You can also customize the syrup with your favorite ingredients. Try adding star anise or cardamom pods for a different spin on festive spices.

08. Winter Sangria

Classic mulled wine can feel a bit heavy. So, try this bubbly beverage for a lighter take on spiced wine.

The orange and cinnamon are a traditional Christmas combination. But this drink amps up the flavors by adding blackberry brandy and Chambord, as well.

Also, sub blood orange juice for regular as a holiday treat.

It’s great for a big party.

09. White Christmas Cocktail

Lift everyone’s holiday spirits with these creamy spirits. The creme de menthe and Irish cream balance each other nicely.

The cranberries and rosemary sprigs make the glass look very festive. But if you want an entirely edible garnish, hang a mini candy cane on the side of the glass instead.

10. Apple-Cinnamon Cider Cups

Save yourself some dishes by drinking out of apple cups with cinnamon straws.

This would be a fun activity for a children’s party — and a great way to get kids to eat fruit. But people of all ages will love this ingenious way to enjoy apple cider.

When you’re finished, make apple sauce or another delicious treat with the leftover apple bits.

11. Christmas Punch

This non-alcoholic holiday drink has just 4 ingredients and makes a big batch for sharing. It’s perfect for a large family party.

If the punch is a little too sweet for you, add some lemon juice to the mix for a bit of tartness. It’s a refreshing beverage to pair with a heavy Christmas dinner.

12. Gingerbread Martini

This gingerbread martini is just the thing for dessert: it’s rich, creamy, sweet, and perfectly boozy. So, turn up the Christmas music and start sipping in front of the fire.

While bottled caramel works perfectly in this recipe, you can make your own for an even more special treat. And don’t forget the whipped cream.

13. Vegan Eggnog

Make your holidays both delicious and plant-based with this tasty vegan eggnog. The coconut milk, maple syrup, and sweet spices will warm you right up.

You can make your own nut milk for an extra-creamy nog. But packaged milk works fine, too.

And if you want to add some extra cheer, pour in a splash of bourbon.

14. Mulled Merlot

Sipping a mug of mulled red wine is the perfect way to warm up on a cold night. Plus, mulled wine will make your kitchen smell heavenly while it’s brewing.

You only need a few ingredients, and you can play around to find your favorite combination. Try different citrus fruits, spices, and liquors.

As well, this mulled wine recipe recommends merlot, but you can use your favorite red.

15. Drunken Snowman Cocktail

Don’t be sad when your snowman melts: he’ll taste delicious. This ice cream snowman is swimming in a hot chocolate bath with plenty of whipped cream.

For a little energy and some mellow coffee flavor, sub your favorite brew for half of the hot chocolate.

This is the perfect drink after playing in the snow. (But if you’re serving kids, leave out the Bailey’s.)

16. Hot Buttered Rum

Hot buttered rum is a quintessential drink for the Christmas season. The warm spices, apple cider, and hint of rum will make you feel perfectly cozy.

You can do all of the prep beforehand, and this recipe makes enough for 50 servings. That will get you through holiday parties all season long.

Don’t forget to serve with cinnamon sticks.

17. Mistletoe Mules

Bring Russia home for the holidays with this Christmas take on a Moscow mule.

Besides the traditional ginger beer and lime juice, this cocktail recipe adds cranberry-ginger juice. But if you can’t find that, just add regular cranberry juice.

And if the drink is too sour for you, add a splash of orange juice for sweetness.

18. Black Russian

You don’t need to be a professional bartender to mix up a delicious drink. This boozy beverage only has 2 ingredients, but it packs a punch.

Pour 2 parts vodka and 1 part coffee liqueur over ice. Stir, and you’re done.

Since there are only 2 ingredients, use high-quality liquors. This will make the drink tastier and smoother.

19. Hot Toddy

Take your cup of tea to the next level with a hot toddy.

You can experiment with different liquors, teas, flavorings, and fun additions. For example, try adding fresh ginger or apple cider for extra autumn flavor.

It may be an old wives’ tale, but a hot toddy supposedly helps cure a cough. But even if you’re not sick, this drink is a delicious and soothing beverage.

20. Chocolate Candy Cane Martinis

You’ll feel like a kid in a candy shop with this delicious peppermint martini.

First, make the candy cane-infused vodka. You can drink this by itself or make the full martini.

Then, mix the vodka with creme de cocoa, milk, and chocolate syrup. Shake, and serve.

And don’t forget the extra squirts of syrup and a candy cane rim.

21. Slow-Cooker Peppermint Bark Hot Chocolate

This delicious beverage is perfect for holiday festivities because you can make a big batch and leave it to cook in your crockpot.

Since you make this drink with real chocolate, it tastes much richer than powdered hot chocolate. So don’t take that shortcut.

And if you want it boozy, add creme de menthe, vodka, or peppermint schnapps.

22. Pom Fizz

This festive cocktail has only 2 ingredients, but it’s very elegant. Simply boil down pomegranate juice to a syrup, and then mix it into sparkling white wine.

It’s a perfect holiday substitute for brunch mimosas, or serve it at a fancy holiday dinner party. Also, it would be very classy for a New Year’s Eve toast if you have extra syrup from Christmas.

23. Cockney Champagne Cocktail

This light, refreshing cocktail has a scent reminiscent of Christmas trees, thanks to the gin. The lemon juice adds a tart pop, and the Champagne adds elegant effervescence.

Serve this cocktail with hors d’oeuvres on Christmas eve, or after a big Christmas dinner the next day.

24. Mrs. Claus Cocktail

Instead of cookies and milk, leave this delicious cocktail out for Santa’s wife. This is another take on a chocolate-peppermint cocktail, but it uses an eggnog base.

Add some white chocolate liqueur and peppermint schnapps to your eggnog, and you have an amazing Christmas concoction.

If you’re making your own eggnog, keep the spices light so that they don’t compete with the peppermint.

25. Winter Snowflake

This sweet, white chocolate-caramel cocktail has a shot of Bailey’s Irish Cream for extra Christmas cheer. It’s the perfect warm drink to sip while watching the snowflakes fall outside your window.

If you’re spending Christmas alone, this a great recipe because you can make it one portion at a time in the microwave. So grab a mug and try it.

25 Easy Christmas Cocktails


  1. Pick your favorite cocktail.

  2. Mix your drink.

  3. Enjoy your holiday party.

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