28 Easy Easter Cocktail Ideas

Celebrate Easter with some simple but tasty drinks

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Updated May 18, 2022

Do you want to impress your friends and family with Easter cocktails during your celebratory brunch or dinner? You can!

And it doesn’t mean that you need to spend ages on prep or buy lots of expensive ingredients. Our ideas are all easy to make and can be made with different drinks depending on what you might have at home.
Easy Easter Cocktail Ideas
Pick a martini, gin, margarita, or mimosa that’s got an Easter twist. There’s something for everyone, including the kids.

01. Easter Egg Cocktail

Don’t just eat your Easter eggs – drink them! This cocktail is pure indulgence in a glass, and the perfect chocolatey treat for the spring holiday.

Simply shake Irish cream, vodka, and thickened cream in a cocktail shaker with ice. Don’t worry if you can’t get Baileys – lots of stores do their own version, which is usually cheaper.

For an extra chocolate kick, dip the rims of your glasses into some syrup. Your friends will love the little eggs on sticks that they can dip into their drink.

02. Cottontail Martini

Try making this cute and snowy white martini, which is just like its Beatrix Potter namesake, Peter Cottontail. The marshmallow sitting on the rim looks just like a little rabbit’s tail.

Use a whipped vodka if you have one, otherwise, vanilla vodka also works great. The pineapple juice gives this cocktail a tropical, fruity kick.

If you like coconut, sticking some of the solid, sweetened type to the rim will really bring out the flavor of the drink. Just chop it first so that it sticks well.

03. Chocolate Bunny Cocktail

Did you know that you can make a fun, tasty Easter cocktail with just 2 ingredients? Follow this recipe, and you’ll have a charming drink for the whole family.

Opt for a liquor of your choice – or use chocolate milk for the kids.

And the best bit is, you get to eat the ears of the chocolate bunnies while you make this cocktail!

04. Bloody Mary Fuzzy Bunny

Fed up of Easter cocktails that are too rich and creamy? Get the recipe for this carrot juice Bloody Mary, which is sweet and refreshing.

You can adapt this recipe to suit your personal tastes. Use a carrot-based juice that’s flavored with pineapple, for example, or with peach and mango – whatever your preference.

For best results, use vodka that’s been kept in the freezer. Finally, serve with mini carrots to really maximize on the bunny theme!

05. Pink Lemonade Peeps Vodka

Wow your guests with this popping pink cocktail. All you need to do is grab some pink chick or bunny Peeps and mix with vodka and pink lemonade.

The Peeps-infused vodka will last for up to 3 days in the refrigerator. This is a great drink to get ready in advance, saving you time on the day.

Pop a fresh Peeps on top of the drink when serving – the perfect garnish!

06. Peeping Tom

Perfect for an adult Easter basket, this cocktail is a twist on an old classic, the Aviation. This is known for its bright, purple, color, which here is contrasted with the addition of vibrant yellow Peeps.

Simply shake gin, creme de violette, fresh lemon juice, and simple syrup over ice.

The result is a mixture of tart and floral flavors that really tickle your tastebuds. And who will be able to resist a smile when the drink is served with the sweet, yellow candies on the rim.

07. Easter Peeps Gin Rickey

Add some fun and color to your Easter celebration dinner. This recipe adds fun and sweetness to a typical rickey cocktail.

Use fruit-flavored jelly beans and different colored Peeps to get a real variety of colors. It’s best to serve these Easter drinks as soon as they’re made, before all the sugar dissolves.

Your guests will be delighted with the little chick Peeps, who look like they’re sitting in their own pool or pond of water.

08. Rummy Bunny Flip

Make this flip cocktail your own by choosing which base spirit you prefer. The recipe opts for a dark rum, but you could use a flavored vodka or even gin instead.

Be creative with the garnish. Some melted chocolate around the rim, grated dark chocolate on top, or even chocolate bunnies on the side will make this drink very festive.

It’s best to shake all the ingredients first, to ensure they’re mixed well. Then add the ice to cool the mixture down.

09. Carrot Margarita

A delicious, refreshing cocktail, that’s also good for you. Okay, it’s not the healthiest drink you can have, but the carrot juice does give you a good dose of beta-carotene which helps your vision, skin, and immune system.

If you have a juicer, you can easily make fresh carrot juice at home. Otherwise, it’s easily found in your local grocery store.

Serve with salt on the rim and a lime wedge, just like the original.

10. Raspberry Lemon Quench Rose Sangria

For a crisper, lighter version of the Spanish classic, get the recipe for this rose sangria. It’s a perfect fit for springtime and your Easter dinner.

You can even make it for the kids by replacing the rose wine with pink lemonade, and leaving the vodka out. Or why not make your own strawberry sangria version by using different fruit.

The fresh lemon juice adds a nice tang. And depending on your preference, pick a rose wine that’s sweet or dry.

11. Orange Creamsicle Mimosa

No Easter brunch would be complete without a mimosa! This version combines orange juice with heavy cream and sugar.

Then top up with champagne – or sparkling wine works just as well. Keep the juice mix in a pitcher and pour the wine straight into the glass so that it keeps its fizziness.

Follow whatever garnish instructions you like. We think that a slice of orange on the glass looks great.

12. Cucumber Gin and Tonic Coktail

Your Easter cocktails don’t have to be heavy and creamy. This G&T is a perfect alternative if you want something that doesn’t contain chocolate!

Simply muddle some slices of cucumber in your glass before adding the gin and tonic. You’ll then be hit with the subtle, but refreshing taste, when you take a sip.

But if you still want a tang, you can also add a few drops of lime juice.

13. Bunny Colada

You might not always be guaranteed the best weather for your spring holidays. But don’t let that stop you pretending like it’s hot and sunny – and one of these Easter cocktails will help!

Pick your favorite rum and combine it with strawberry lemonade, frozen strawberries, and cream of coconut. Or choose raspberries or another fruit if you want a different flavor.

A garnish of bunny Peeps makes this drink festive. Place on tall sticks or even on the rim of the glass.

14. Rhubarb and Honey Pisco Sour

Make your own simple syrup out of fresh rhubarb and honey for a fruity, floral twist on the Peruvian Pisco cocktail.

Then mix with pisco – a grape brandy – lime juice, and egg white. If you like a bit more fire to your drink, you can also add some fresh ginger.

For those of you with artistic talent, you can really go to town with the garnish. Think flower petals or fruit skins floating on top of the foam.

15. Carrot Cake White Russian

Combine a favorite dessert and a classic drink in one. Indulgent and creamy, this is the perfect Easter cocktail to serve to your guests after dinner.

If you can’t get any cake vodka, vanilla vodka is a great substitute. And go easy on the cinnamon, or add more, depending on your personal preference.

To really complement this drink, the cream cheese and crushed pecans frosting is really worth adding. Then sit back and enjoy this luxurious drink.

16. Hot Cross Bun Easter Martini

Get ahead of the game with this stylish, but festive, cocktail. The infused vodka – flavored with cinnamon sticks, raisins, and nutmeg – can be made weeks or even months beforehand.

Then all you need to do is shake it with vermouth and clear apple juice on the day.

And for the garnish instructions, do as little or as much as you like. A peel of lemon zest works well, or add a cinnamon stick, or pop in a few raisins.

17. Chocolate Martini

With just 5 ingredients and a recipe that can be easily doubled or tripled to make more, this is one of the easiest and best Easter cocktails to serve after dinner.

Add vanilla vodka, chocolate liqueur, creme de cacao, and milk to the shaker. Depending on what color drink you want, you can use different types of liqueur, and a dark or light creme de cacao.

A swirl of syrup around the glasses is easy to do but looks very sophisticated to your guests!

18. Strawberry Champagne

Serve this fruity cocktail with your Easter brunch. You can also make the strawberry puree in advance, meaning less work to do on the day.

Use champagne or any other type of sparkling wine. Prosecco works well if you want a slightly sweeter taste.

Or why not invent your own drink and opt for a different fruit? Raspberries or peaches also work really well with fizzy wine!

19. Jack Honey & Grapefruit

Sweet and sour go fantastically well together here. The honey from the Jack Daniels balances with the tart grapefruit.

The result is a light, refreshing drink that can be a welcome break from all the rich chocolate you get at Easter.

And by using freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, you’re getting a good hit of your daily Vitamin C.

20. Bunny Punch with Bunny Tail Stirrers

A celebration wouldn’t be complete without a punch! And depending on the size of your crowd, you can make a small or large amount of this cocktail.

And it’s for the whole family, as there’s no alcohol in this recipe. Simply mix Cherry 7UP – or a different flavored lemonade – with Kool-Aid watermelon and ice cream.

The bunny tail stirrers are worth the extra effort. All you need are some white pom poms, skewers, and white twine.

21. White Rabbit Cocktail

An Easter version of the traditional Brandy Alexander cocktail. Gin and amaretto are combined with cream and lemon curd, giving a creamy taste with a slightly sour kick.

The vanilla paste is worth investing in. It adds extra depth to the flavor and you only need a small amount, so you can easily use it in other drinks.

Garnish with some colorful edible flowers, to make the smooth, bright white of the drink stand out even more.

22. Prosecco Punch

Easy to make, and good for a crowd, is this fruity, punchy, and fizzy Easter cocktail. You can make the juice part the day before – but don’t add the prosecco until serving, otherwise you’ll lose the bubbles.

You can choose to use smooth or pulped orange juice according to your own preference. And if you can’t afford Cointreau, a cheaper Triple Sec will work just fine.

Pop in some pomegranate seeds and a sprig of mint for garnish. Your guests will be impressed!

23. Blood Orange Champagne Mule

For a decadent and tasty treat over Easter, get the recipe for this cocktail. For a really fresh drink, try and get the fruit fresh from your grocery store and make your own blood orange juice.

It’s a flavor explosion on your tongue as you have the tart orange and lime, fiery ginger beer, and dryness of the champagne all in one mouthful.

Make sure the champagne is really cold before serving. No one wants a lukewarm cocktail!

24. Elderflower French 75 Cocktail

Easter cocktails don’t have to be chocolate-based. This drink has floral and fragrant tones, plus a little tartness, and of course a sparkle from the fizzy wine.

If you can’t find an elderflower liqueur, you can make your own elderflower simple syrup.

To enhance the elderflower taste, opt for a floral gin. Hendrick’s is a good pick, or see what your local store has to offer.

25. Spring Bouquet Cocktail

Create this fruity and bright Easter cocktail in just 10 minutes. You can choose to make it child-friendly or keep the bitters and elderflower liqueur for the grown-ups.

Floral flavors from the chamomile tea, rosewater, and lavender bitters are balanced with the sourness of the fresh lime juice and grapefruit juice.

Garnish your glasses with edible flowers and it really will feel like spring is here!

26. Jelly Bean Martini

Have a bit of fun with this classic drink that’s got a childish twist. Shaking the jelly beans releases their flavor and color.

And you decide on the taste! Pick your favorite flavor combo for the jelly beans and juice – or be daring and try something new.

You can also top this cocktail with club soda if you want a longer, more refreshing drink.

27. Salted Caramel Martini

This “dessert in a glass” drink is the perfect Easter cocktail if you like to drink your cake rather than eat it!

The rich Irish cream, heavy cream, and caramel syrup is balanced out by the salt on the rim of the glass. For extra saltiness, try a salted caramel syrup.

A top tip is to freeze your martini glasses before use. Trust us, your drink will stay colder for much longer.

28. Spicy Pickle Bloody Mary

If a Bloody Mary bar is your idea of heaven, then you need to get the recipe for this updated version.

The lemon juice and dill pickle juice give this cocktail a real tang. And the hot sauce and horseradish provide a real fieriness.

You can prepare this mixture in whatever quantity you want up to 2 days in advance. Simply keep it in the refrigerator and serve when needed.

28 Easy Easter Cocktails


  1. Choose your favorite Easter cocktail recipes. You might want more than one, and can pick which ones to serve when.

  2. Make sure that you have all of the ingredients.

  3. Pre-make as many of the drinks or the component parts beforehand.

  4. Delight your guests with suitable brunch cocktails, aperitifs, and after-dinner treats.

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