35 Easy Desserts to Make

Uncomplicated desserts for family, holidays and entertaining!

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Updated July 14, 2022

Having a few fail-proof easy desserts up your sleeve is a must for busy families!

easy desserts-

You shouldn’t have to resort to pre-made desserts like cookies to get your sweet fix. That’s why I’ve come up with this list of easy homemade desserts that come together in minutes.

From summer flavors like lemon and berry to classics like chocolate—there’s something for everyone. I’ve also included several tasty no bake recipes for those days when you just don’t feel like cooking.

With these easy dessert recipes, making sweet treats doesn’t have to be an afterthought! Making dessert yourself can be simple, cheap and taste amazing too.

01. Easy Hot Fudge Sundae

This hot fudge recipe reminds me of summer trips to the ice cream shop!

This simple three-ingredient recipe comes together in minutes. All you need is butter, condensed milk and chocolate chips.

Melt everything together over the stove and you have the perfect topping for ice cream and cakes! Store some in the fridge and microwave the sauce whenever you have a sundae craving!

02. Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Perfectly chewy oatmeal cookies with the perfect amount of sweetness!

This recipe has one unusual secret ingredient: vanilla pudding! The pudding helps make these cookies tender and chewy and gives them extra flavor.

Serve these cookies fresh out of the oven with a glass of milk for the perfect afternoon treat.

03. Disney Dole Whip

Skip the lines at Disney World and make their famous Dole Whip right at home.

Blended ice cream and pineapple chunks create a smooth soft-serve treat. The tangy pineapple is so refreshing and makes this treat perfect for a hot day.

For a decorative look, use a piping bag to serve this whip in fun swirls!

04. Nutella–Brown Butter Crispies

They’re like a grown-up version of crispy rice treats!

The subtle flavor of hazelnut and brown butter makes this recipe suited for adult palates. The browned butter has a slight nuttiness that goes perfectly with the Nutella.

This no-bake dessert is perfect for a holiday dessert table! You can even add some festive sprinkles on top for decoration.

05. Brown-Sugared Apples & Cream

This quick dessert is great for an after school snack, or as a party appetizer!

This tangy and sweet apple dip is made using whipped cream cheese, brown sugar and marshmallow fluff. The texture is super light and perfect for dipping tart apples like Granny Smith!

You can also use this dip for animal crackers, or as a spread for sweet bread.

06. No Bake Hershey’s Pie

When the weather gets too hot for cooking, no-bake desserts are my go-to!

This recipe is so simple that it’s a great option to make with kids! Just fill a store-bought pie crust with chocolate cool whip and chill in the fridge to set.

Although easy, this pie looks and tastes fancy. It’s an ideal treat for backyard barbecues and kid’s parties.

07. Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches

Think you need an ice cream machine to make ice cream? Think again!

This homemade ice cream hack only requires two ingredients: heavy cream and sweetened condensed milk. Once whipped together they create a deliciously smooth texture.

Sandwich this creation between two homemade chocolate chip cookies and you have a decadent dessert completely from scratch!

08. Easy Crepes

You don’t even need a crepe pan to make this classic French dessert!

Nothing is more luxurious than a delicate, chewy crepe served with mimosas for brunch! All you need is a 10-inch pan and you can make your own version right at home.

These crepes look impressive served with fruit compote or a simple sprinkle of powdered sugar!

09. No Bake Cheesecake

A no-fuss cheesecake that tastes light and fresh!

Usually, cheesecake is made with cream cheese and heavy cream which requires baking to set. This recipe uses whipped cream and condensed milk for a lighter, fluffy texture!

I like to use classic graham cracker crust, but chocolate lovers can opt for an Oreo crumb crust.

10. Microwave Peanut Brittle

This peanut brittle makes a wonderful holiday gift!

If you’ve ever tried making candy brittle before, you know how messy it can get. Traditional brittle is made over the stove, but this recipe uses the microwave for similar results.

The combination of salty peanuts, sugar and corn syrup is the perfect snack to serve with a hot coffee. And if peanuts aren’t your thing, you can make this brittle with pecans, almonds or hazelnuts instead.

11. Cookie Dough Dip

If you’re the kind of person who likes to sneak a bite of cookie dough, this dip is for you. This recipe is egg-free, so it’s safe to eat raw.

Powdered sugar and cream cheese give this dip its creamy consistency. Mini chocolate chips add texture and a pop of sweetness to every bite.

Use this dip for fruit slices, graham crackers or even as a cake frosting!

12. Dark Chocolate Pudding with Pretzels

Why use powdered pudding when this homemade recipe is just as quick and easy!

Skip the artificial colors and additives and opt for whole ingredients like egg, cream, sugar and cocoa powder. The results are so much creamier and chocolatey than any pudding you’ve had before!

Serve with whipped cream and a sprinkle of crushed pretzels for an element of crunch. For a rustic twist, assemble this pudding in mason jars so you can see all the layers!

13. 3 Ingredients Oreo Truffles

The ultimate fancy dessert made easy!

To make these smooth creamy truffles all you need to do is blend crushed Oreos and cream cheese. The white chocolate coating gives these truffles a hint of elegance that makes them perfect for parties.

These chocolatey treats taste so amazing you’d never guess there are only three ingredients.

14. Cookiedilla

This gooey dessert is inspired by the melted deliciousness of a quesadilla!

This dessert quesadilla is made by grilling cookie dough with marshmallow fluff and chocolate chips. The results are a decadent combination of melted chocolate sauce, chewy cookie and caramelized grilled sugar.

Serve with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream for an indulgent treat!

15. Lemon Icebox Cake

A light and fruity summer treat perfect for potlucks and picnics.

This recipe is a bit like a trifle, or a lemon pudding! After some time in the fridge, the whipped cream firms up and the graham crackers become cake-like.

Make sure you keep this dessert chilled until serving so all the layers stay intact.

16. Samoa Dessert Lasagna

Craving girl scout Samoa cookies? This lasagna is the next best thing!

This layered dessert is filled with tropical coconut, gooey caramel chocolate and crispy wafer cookies. It’s made in a large baking dish for easy transporting and sharing.

Simply assemble the ingredients and refrigerate—no baking required!

17. Chocolate Dipped Oreos

A splash of color turns this classic cookie into an Instagram-worthy dessert.

The dip is so simple to make, all you need is some melted candy wafers. Set up different bowls of sprinkles and make decorating these cookies into a fun kid’s activity.

This simple yet effective dessert is great for birthday parties or holidays like easter.

18. Apple-Spice Angel Food Cake

By adding nuts and spices, you can transform boxed angel food cake into a totally new dessert.

Making a cake from scratch can take all afternoon, so save precious time by using boxed cake mix instead! To personalize your cake, add applesauce, toasted nuts and spices like cinnamon and nutmeg.

This warm spiced cake is made for morning or afternoon coffee breaks!

19. Cake Mix Cookie Bars

Can’t decide between cake or cookies? Try this combination of both!

Cake mix, pudding mix and egg create the unique chewy texture of these bars. For the filling, you can add colorful M&Ms, Skors bits, or any other sweet candy you like.

Slice these bars ahead of time and you have a dessert ready to go for any occasion. You can also freeze these bars if you want a last-minute dessert on hand!

20. Cake Balls

These festive cake pops are the easiest party favor ever!

All you need is three ingredients: crumbled cake, frosting and melted chocolate! This delicate dessert has a melt-in-your-mouth texture that makes it hard to eat just one.

With endless possibilities for decorations, cake pops are ideal to make for parties and weddings.

21. Easy Homemade Caramel Corn

Try making this nostalgic caramel corn for movie and sports nights!

Caramel corn is one of those classic candies that never goes out of style. All it takes is melted brown sugar and butter to transform regular microwave popcorn into something delicious.

I like to add a bit of Kosher salt to get that salted caramel flavor!

22. Chocolate Pie

This versatile dessert is suitable for everything from holidays to summer barbecues!

Eating this pie is like taking a bite of a delicious, fluffy chocolate cloud. The only tool you need is a good electric mixer to whip up your cream cheese and chocolate to perfection.

Make sure to keep this chocolate pie in the fridge until just before serving, so it stays firm and fluffy!

23. Easy Buckeye Recipe

A super cute sweet and salty holiday candy!

This kid-friendly recipe only uses 4 ingredients and there’s no baking required. The balls are formed with peanut butter and sweetened with melt-in-your-mouth confectioners sugar.

A chocolate coating gives them a crunchy shell, and keeps the filling a surprise!

24. Edible Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Recipe

Lovers of chocolate chip cookie dough will have a new favorite treat!

This edible peanut butter cookie dough contains no eggs so it’s safe to eat raw. The flavor is a little sweet and a little salty and goes excellent with sliced apples.

Keep this cookie dough in the fridge to satisfy your sweet tooth any time of day!

25. Vegan Coconut Chocolate Bars

A tropical-themed dessert that will score you points with your vegan friends!

This unique dessert bar tastes similar to the classic Bounty bar, but with more coconut and less sugar. The bars are held together with coconut cream instead of eggs or dairy cream.

To ensure these bars are 100% vegan, use milk-free chocolate chips for the top layer.

26. Root Beer Float Cupcakes

Turn this classic 1950s diner drink into a summery cupcake!

Root beer extract gives the frosting an infusion of vanilla and licorice flavor. This recipe uses actual root beer in the batter too, which helps make the cupcakes fluffier.

Kids and adults will love the nostalgic flavor of their favorite soda in cake form!

27. Lemon Drop Cookies

If you need a simple dessert for afternoon coffee or tea, try these delicate lemon cookies.

Lemon zest gives the cookie dough that strong citrus flavor. For a bit of texture, add some crushed lemon drop candies on top before baking.

These simple cookies are great to have in the freezer whenever you have company.

28. Quick Mango Sorbet

Smooth and creamy mango sorbet is the ultimate way to cool off in the heat! And all it takes is three simple ingredients and a food processor to make this summer dessert.

Frozen mango is perfect for sorbet because it becomes super smooth once pureed. A hint of lime and maple syrup gives the sorbet just the right combination of sweet and sour.

Try experimenting with different fruit combinations, such as raspberry and pineapple!

29. Cherry-Chocolate Pudgy Pie

This simple pie can be made right on the fire for a delicious camping dessert!

Rather than a pie tin, use a skillet to get that deliciously crispy pie bottom. As the pie cooks on the fire, the cherry and chocolate chip filling melts and becomes irresistibly gooey.

This is a great alternative to S’mores, and I think it tastes so much better!

30. Apple Brown Betty

Change up your Thanksgiving dessert this year and try this apple brown betty!

Although it looks like an apple crumble, this dessert uses a flour and sugar topping instead of oats. This creates a crumbly, crispy layer on top that tastes just like a cookie.

To keep the sweetness levels balanced, use a tart apple like granny smith or Macintosh.

31. Easy Dark Chocolate Billionaires

Despite the name, these delicious chocolate candies are super cheap to make!

Pecans and toasted rice cereal give these chocolate balls a delicate crispiness. For the caramel in this recipe, use melted caramel candies to keep things simple.

These picture-perfect chocolates would be a great addition to a holiday dessert tin.

32. Oatmeal Jam Bars

If you prefer less sweet desserts, these oatmeal jam bars are for you.

These simple bars are made using oatmeal cookie dough with a layer of tart jam. The oats are lightly spiced, with just enough sweetness to satisfy a dessert craving.

These are a great afternoon snack when you need a little pick-me-up!

33. Easy Apple Dumplings

This Southern-inspired pastry is deceivingly simple to make.

The star of this dessert is the glaze, made with brown sugar, vanilla and 7 Up soda.
Soda may seem like an odd ingredient, but it turns into a delicious syrup once it’s baked.

You can use apple pie filling for the rolls, or fresh sliced apples if you want less sugar. Finish it off with a fresh dollop of whipped cream for a truly indulgent treat.

34. Strawberry Jello Lasagna

This light and fruity layered dessert is a summer barbeque favorite!

Strawberry jello and strawberry slices are sandwiched in between fluffy layers of whipped cream to create this “lasagna”. Instead of typical shortbread, the crust is made from crushed golden Oreo crumbs.

If you’re tired of cakes and cookies, this unique no-bake dessert is calling your name!

35. Nutella Mug Cake

Do you suffer from late-night chocolate cravings? This mug cake is made for you!

Eggs, flour and Nutella are the only three ingredients you need to make this quick cake. Use your biggest mug, because this mixture expands in the microwave!

You’ll be shocked at how fluffy and moist this mug chocolate cake turns out. Serve warm, and add a dollop of ice cream or cool whip for extra indulgence!

35 Easy Desserts to Make


  1. Choose your favorite easy dessert recipe from this list.

  2. Gather the family and all your ingredients.

  3. Have fun making an easy and tasty dessert to share!