27 Easy Fall Cocktails

Celebrate this fall with some easy but tasty drinks

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Updated May 13, 2022

From pumpkin lattes to caramel apples, fall is a season full of sweetness. And imagine if you can drink your traditional favorites?

Infused with autumnal flavors, fall cocktails add warmth and coziness when the weather starts to cool down.

Cinnamon, nutmeg or pumpkin will add just a bit of spice to your next celebration of the season.

And while pumpkin pie martini or apple mimosas are great classics, there are other modern treats to discover.

Easy Fall Cocktails

Here I’ve got the best fall alcoholic drinks for your party or dinner. And these recipes are easy-to-follow and fun.

01. Red Apple Cider Sangria

Give this classic drink a fall twist with the addition of fresh apple slices and cider. You’ll get just the right mix of sweet and tangy from the fruit, red wine, and maple syrup.

Add a drop of Grand Marnier or a similar liqueur to get an orangey kick. Or stick with the traditional brandy if you have some in your drinks’ cupboard.

I think that the cinnamon sugar rim is worth the extra effort to complete the look of this colorful fall cocktail.

02. Black Magic Margaritas

Packed full of fall fruit to give it a darker look, this margarita is quick and easy to make.

Simply pop lime juice, mint leaves, mezcal and all of the other ingredients into a blender with some ice.

You can use any type of tequila you might have in. And, if you can’t find or don’t want to buy any cassis, just add more blackberries – or try a different flavored liqueur if you have one, it’s time to experiment!

03. Autumn Apple Bourbon Fizz

Do you always seem to have lots of apple butter to spare in the fall? Then this cocktail is for you – simply mix with bourbon and you have a delicious, fruity drink.

Using an orange slice to rim around the glass before serving will add an extra little citrusy kick.

And then you can top up with either ginger beer or ginger ale. The choice is yours and depends on how fiery or sweet you like your drinks.

04. Autumn Harvest Rum Punch

Hosting a crowd? You don’t need to bother making difficult, fancy fall cocktails. A hearty autumn rum punch can be made ahead and in big batches to serve as many people as you’re catering for.

Apple cider, orange juice, cranberry juice, and pear juice make up the bulk of this fruity drink. And then add a spiced rum for some fall warmth.

Finish with some sparkling wine.

And for a funny variation, twist the cranberry juice with pomegranate juice. Or the orange juice for blood orange juice!

05. Salted Caramel Apple Moscow Mule

You can’t get better flavors for a fall cocktail than caramel and apple! And for this drink, you don’t even need a blender or a cocktail shaker, but can pour all of the ingredients straight into your glasses.

A swirl of caramel sauce inside first adds a decadent, creamy twist. And then pour in salted caramel vodka, apple cider, and your choice of either ginger ale or ginger beer.

Finally, put some apple slices and soft caramel on a toothpick on the side of the glass for a garnish.

06. Spiced Apple Tiki Smash

This drink is perfect for those fall days when it’s still warm outside, but you’re craving some traditional fall flavors.

Two types of rum, allspice dram, and falernum give this drink its tiki taste. They combine with apple cider and maple syrup to provide the fall twist.

If you don’t have the tiki ingredients to hand, you can easily substitute them with different syrups. Or opt for a spiced apple cider instead.

07. Pumpkin Spice White Russian Cocktail

For pure decadence in a glass, add pumpkin spice creamer to this classic cocktail. It’s the perfect end to a fall dinner party, and will really impress your guests.

You make this drink like a normal white Russian. Mix vodka, coffee liqueur, ice, and then add the creamer.

For a real wow factor, add some whipped cream and pumpkin pie spice as a garnish.

08. Spiced Pear Gin Cocktail

Give this spiced pear drink a try if you don’t like your fall cocktails to be too sweet. The mixture of the gin, pear, and lemon juice gives it a subtle tang.

Use whatever gin you have at home. And if you don’t have cardamom bitters, try putting a few broken cardamom pods into the shaker instead – just remember to remove them before drinking!

09. Apple Pie Cinnamon Cocktail

For the ultimate festive fall cocktail, opt for this cocktail which is like you’re drinking a delicious apple pie.

Mix vanilla vodka, whiskey, and fresh apple cider. A cinnamon sugar rim works really well, complementing the sweet, fruity taste of the drink.

And if you like, you can also serve this cocktail warm. So it’s ideal for those colder, fall nights when you want to get nice and cozy by the fire.

10. Baileys Spiked Caramel Apple Cider

This fall cocktail is perfect for batch-cooking. So choose it when you’re hosting lots of guests at Halloween or Thanksgiving.

Combine the creamy Baileys with tangy apple cider, plus some spiced rum for extra flavor. It takes just 15 minutes or so on low heat to make – remember to keep whisking the drink to break up the cream liquor.

You can serve in your choice of glasses or mugs. Finally, apple slices and cinnamon sticks complete the festive look.

11. Apple Cider Whiskey Smash

You only need 3 ingredients to make this yummy fall cocktail. Simply add whiskey, lemon juice, and apple cider to a cocktail shaker with ice.

Shake and serve over more ice, and that’s it! The recipe is for one drink, but you can easily double it, triple it, or more, depending on how many people you’re serving.

12. Amaro Pumpkin Cocktail

Not all fall cocktails have to be apple or cinnamon-based. For something a bit different, try this pumpkin-flavored drink.

The thickness of the pumpkin puree makes this a really decadent drink. How about trying it for dessert instead of the traditional pie?

The orange juice and amaro add a fruity twist. You can use spiced whiskey, or why not try spiced brandy or rum if you prefer the taste.

13. Maple Old Fashion

Add a little fall twist to this classic cocktail. Substitute the traditional sugar for a little maple syrup, and add some orange peel.

Bourbon or rye whiskey goes best in this drink. But you can use whatever whiskey you like.

And once you’ve cut your orange peel, run the pulp-side of it around the rim of the glass so you get a hint of orange whenever you take a sip.

14. Apple Cider Bellini Cocktail with Rosemary

These are great fall cocktails to serve at brunch or as an aperitif at other meals.

Apple cider, orange liqueur (triple sec is a good option), and maple syrup are shaken together with ice. Then top up with prosecco, or any kind of sparkling wine works well.

Garnish your glasses with a sprig of rosemary – your guests will be delighted with the effect!

15. Black Russian

For a darker, more intense flavor to your fall cocktails, try this Black Russian classic.

You only need 2 ingredients, and no equipment. Simply pour vodka and then coffee liquor into your glass with some ice, and stir gently.

And that’s it! For a different taste, add more or less of the liquor, or how about trying a flavored vodka?

16. Mulled Wine

A celebratory fall feast or party wouldn’t be complete without some mulled wine. Transport yourself to a European Christmasy market with this distinct fall cocktail.

All you need is a bottle of red wine – you don’t need an expensive type – and some liquor or a liqueur. Here you can be creative and choose whiskey, apple brandy, dark rum, or Cointreau.

Warm these up with the fruit, spices, and brown sugar or syrup. Or to make it alcohol-free, substitute the wine and liquor for apple juice and grapefruit juice.

17. Nutty Spiced Chocolate

This yummy drink has a lovely, chocolatey taste without being too sickly or creamy like a lot of autumn cocktails can be.

Combine some hazelnut liqueur – I like the Frangelico version – with some gold rum and white creme de cocoa. For an extra spicy twist, add a small amount of chili liqueur – but go steady if you don’t like too much heat!

Garnish with your favorite hazelnut chocolate for a final indulgent treat!

18. Cranberry Thyme Gin and Tonic

Perfect for any fall occasion, or even an early Christmas celebration due to its cranberry base.

This take on a classic gin and tonic will also give you a good dose of your daily Vitamin C. You’ll mix pure cranberry juice, freshly squeezed orange juice, and simple syrup with any gin of your choice.

Muddle the thyme before adding to release its herby flavor. And finally, garnish with fresh cranberries or some orange slices.

19. Pecan Pie Martinis

Who doesn’t like a chocolate-flavored pecan pie? Here you can have all these rich, tasty flavors in a drink.

Simply mix pecan pie vodka with a pecan simple syrup and almond milk. If you can’t find the simple syrup, the cocktail recipe handily tells you how to make your own.

A pinch of cinnamon gives an extra spice and warmth. And for a truly indulgent cocktail, crush some pecans for the rim of your glass.

20. Drunken Peanut Butter Cups

These fall cocktails use everyone’s favorite candy – Reese’s pieces! You need to plan ahead to make the Reese’s-infused vodka overnight the day before, but other than that this drink is easy to create.

Plus there’s extra peanut butter and pieces of candy around the glasses’ rims. And to add a final flourish, put a last butter cup on the edge – your guests will truly thank you for this decadent drink!

21. Fall Gin Fizz

Refreshing, yet invoking the traditional fall flavors, this gin cocktail will have your taste buds in a twist.

You only need your favorite gin, some fresh lemon juice, apple simple syrup, and apple cider to make this fall cocktail. You can then top up with as much or as little club soda as you like.

An apple slice and a cinnamon stick will complete the look of this colorful, fruity drink.

22. Winter Aperol Spritz

An Aperol Spritz normally conjures up images of the summer and warmer days. But, try this fall version and it’ll fit right into your celebrations at this colder time of the year.

The cocktail’s base is the same as the original – Aperol and prosecco (or cava or champagne if you prefer).

The fall flavors come with the addition of a spiced orange and cranberry simple syrup. If you’re serving this at Christmas time, a garnish of rosemary (think a little Christmas tree!) and fresh cranberries are perfect.

23. Apple Cider Mimosas

Serve these mimosas bursting with apple flavor at your fall brunch. Or as this drink is so easy to make, you can put it together quickly when those unexpected guests arrive over the holiday season!

You only need to have 2 key ingredients in – sparkling cider and champagne.

And you don’t even need to spend a fortune on an expensive bottle as this is about adding sparkle to your fall cocktails, and you won’t really taste the champagne.

24. Sage-Fig Cocktail

A combination of fruity and herby tastes makes this rum cocktail a tasty addition to your fall parties.

Remember to make your sage-infused simple syrup ahead of time, and then on the day, these drinks are quick and easy to put together.

I like the fig seeds as an extra texture in this cocktail. But if you want a cleaner look, strain the mixture first before serving.

25. Cinnamon Maple Whiskey Sour

Put a holiday twist on the traditional whiskey sour cocktail. You’ll balance sweet and sour flavors – lemon juice and maple syrup/simple syrup – with a spicy cinnamon kick.

You can make the simple syrup in advance, or even buy your own from the grocery store to save more time. After shaking the ingredients with ice, this drink is best served in a short rocks glass with just 1 large ice cube.

Or, for a more intense flavor – substitute the bourbon for a rye whiskey.

26. Hot Buttered Rum

Try something a bit different when you’ve got a big crowd to please. This recipe makes enough for 50 fall cocktails so there’s definitely enough for everyone!

Or this batter will last for up to 3 months in your freezer, so you can use it to make just a few drinks at a time.

Use a golden or spiced rum, depending on what extra depth you want to add to your drink. And whipped cream and a cinnamon stick on top will make this yummy cocktail look like ice cream.

27. Maple Bourbon Fall Cocktail

With just 3 ingredients you can prepare this simple yet effective cocktail. Bourbon, maple syrup, and lemon juice – that’s all you need!

Make sure you use a pure syrup to give this drink a fall twist. And freshly squeezed lemon juice is preferable to pre-made, in order to give this cocktail a true tart taste.

Finally, you can also make some cute candied lemon slices as a garnish. These will keep for a couple of weeks, so why not make a batch and use them for more of your fall cocktails?

27 Easy Fall Cocktails


  1. Select your favorite fall cocktail recipes. Think about what events you’re hosting, and for how many people!

  2. Gather all the ingredients.

  3. See what elements you can make beforehand, saving you time on the day.

  4. Prepare your fall cocktails – enjoy a treat yourself or wow your guests with your drink-making skills!

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