24 Spooky Halloween Desserts

Frighten your guests with these scary Halloween treats!

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Updated July 16, 2022

Make your guests squirm with these haunting Halloween desserts! This time of year is about so much more than trick or treating. This is the time to dress up, scare your friends, and get creative in the kitchen!

Halloween dessert

Whether you’re hosting a haunted house or attending a Halloween party, these creative desserts will fit the bill. This list includes some classics like dirt pie, and new creative creations like a red velvet spiderweb cake.

Baking these festive spooky Halloween treats is a great kid-friendly activity for the family. They’re fun and easy, and they taste great too! Unleash your spooky side this Halloween and try making one of these daring yet delicious desserts!

01. Spider Cookies

These chocolatey peanut butter cookies are equal parts creepy and cute!

Before baking, the peanut butter cookie dough is rolled in granulated sugar for some crunch. The spiders on top are simply made using upside-down Reese’s peanut butter cups. All you need to do is pipe on some legs and add candy eyeballs!

This eight-legged dessert is creepy enough for Halloween but adorable enough that you can’t help but eat one!

02. No Bake Halloween Bars

Need a Halloween dessert idea you can whip up in a hurry? These no-bake bars only need 4 ingredients!

Corn chips, peanut butter, and caramel give this dessert a satisfying sweet and salty flavor. The ingredients are simply heated up in the microwave and assembled in a baking tray. Then, let your imagination go wild by adding your choice of creepy Halloween candy on top!

03. Candy Corn Swirl Cookies

Pay homage to a classic Halloween candy with these delightful swirl cookies.

These crispy and sweet swirl cookies are made using homemade sugar cookie dough. A few drops of yellow and orange food coloring creates the candy corn swirl! If you want, add a bit of honey to the dough to get more of that candy corn flavor.

04. Layered Candy Corn Pie

This pie looks like candy corn, but the inside is bursting with tropical flavor.

This layered pie is composed of equal parts mango, coconut, and lemon filling. Together, they form the iconic orange, yellow, and white color of candy corn! It’s topped off with a layer of toasted meringue for a truly decadent Halloween-inspired dessert.

This one will take some time to prepare, but it’s the perfect show-stopper for a Halloween party!

05. Pumpkin Patch Brownies

Halloween isn’t all about ghosts and monsters. This brownie recipe highlights one of my favorite fall activities: visiting a pumpkin patch!

You can make your brownies from scratch, or just use a mix from a box. What matters most is the pumpkin patch decorations on top. Use crushed cookies for the dirt, and place pumpkin candies in rows for the pumpkin patch.

You can also add fences, piped vines, and any other decorations you see fit!

06. Monster Eyeball Cookie Pops

These eyeball cookies will give your guests a spooky surprise!

This simple Halloween dessert is made by baking chocolate chip cookies on a stick. Make sure to add the eyeball candies to the dough before baking so they’ll stay on. If you want you can also add Halloween-themed sprinkles for a pop of color!

Serve these monster cookies with a glass of milk and dunk away!

07. Jack Skellington Caramel Apples

One of Halloween’s most beloved skeletons is the inspiration for this sweet and sour dessert.

To create the skeleton design, this recipe uses melted white and black candies. After the apple has been dipped in caramel, just pipe on the skeleton’s face and let it harden.

I recommend cutting up this candy apple before serving—your teeth will appreciate it!

08. Chocolate Covered Strawberry Ghosts

Who says a Halloween dessert can’t be both spooky and sophisticated?

Dip your strawberries in melted chocolate to make them look like little ghosts. Then just add some cute faces with piped dark chocolate to finish off the look. This is a fun and easy one for kids to make, and they’ll get their serving of fruit!

09. Halloween Layered Jello

Pressed for time? This three-layer jello is the perfect set it and forget it dessert!

This ultimate Halloween treat is made from orange and lemon jello, with a surprise cream cheese layer in between. Even though all the layers have to be set separately, they each take only minutes to make. The best part is when you slice into it, the layers look just like candy corn!

10. Chocolate Mousse Graveyard

This dairy-free, gluten-free recipe tastes so good nobody will even know it’s vegan!

Chocolate crispy rice cereal is layered with vegan mousse to create the graveyard “soil”. The mousse is made from almond milk, but you can use any non-dairy milk you prefer. Serve this crunchy and creamy Halloween dessert in a tiny mason jar for added cuteness.

If you don’t want to fuss with cutting and plating a dessert, this is a great mess-free option.

11. Halloween Cinder Cake

Why buy an ice cream cake when it’s so easy to make your own?

This orange and black themed cake is made with layers of Oreo cookie, orange sherbet, and whipped cream. Top it off with crumbled chocolate cookies and orange sprinkles and you have the perfect no-bake Halloween cake. Keep this Halloween dessert in the freezer until serving, then cut into squares and enjoy!

12. Red Velvet Marshmallow Spiderweb Cake

This spiderweb cake is the ultimate centerpiece for your Halloween dessert table!

The cake itself is red velvet flavor, with a little extra red food dye for a pop of color. The spider web effect is created by melting marshmallow and drizzling it on top. The focal point of the cake though is the giant spider, made from shaped fondant.

This is one dessert that will really test your decorating prowess!

13. Vampire Bite Cupcakes

Although the center is filled with “blood” red jam, these cupcakes are 100% vegan!

These vanilla vampire cupcakes are the perfect spooky treat for Halloween movie night! The filling is made from strawberry jam made to mimic oozing blood. Pierce two holes in the top for the vampire fangs and you have a simple but creepy Halloween dessert.

If vanilla isn’t your thing, try making these vampire treats with chocolate cake batter instead!

14. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cake Surprise

What flavor pairs with Halloween better than pumpkin? How about pumpkin and chocolate together!

This Halloween dessert features spiced pumpkin cake baked with a generous portion of chocolate chips. The sweet and tangy frosting is made from a unique combination of sour cream and chocolate. All this decadent dessert needs a cup of coffee, and it’s the perfect anytime treat!

15. Witch Hat Cookies

Halloween desserts don’t have to be complicated, and this four ingredient recipe proves it!

All you need for these easy peanut butter cookies are sugar, peanut butter, and an egg. They come out of the oven chewy, soft, and super buttery! To make the witch hat, you just press a Hersey’s kisses in the middle while they’re still warm.

This cute dessert is kid-friendly and easy to make, but still has that Halloween spirit!

16. Jack-o’-Lantern Sugar Cookies

These adorable jack-o’-lantern cookies look amazing and taste great too!

The sugar cookie dough is shaped using a pumpkin cookie cutter and baked to crispy perfection. The center is then filled with a decadent melt-in-your-mouth chocolate ganache for any of your chocolate cravings.

This is the perfect Halloween dessert to make in batches and bring with you to parties and events!

17. Pumpkin Fudge Kat Wirsing

Gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan fudge? Yes, you heard that right!

All you need for this fudge is cashew butter, maple syrup, pumpkin puree, and coconut oil. When these four ingredients blend together they become super smooth and creamy. Just pour the mixture into a pan lined with parchment paper and simply refrigerate!

If you want more pumpkin flavor, you can add pumpkin spice and cinnamon to your fudge as well.

18. Chocolate Chip Reese’s Cup Cookies

Scrambling for a last minute Halloween dessert idea? This two step recipe will save the day!

For these cookies, simply shape pre-made cookie dough into a muffin tin and add a peanut butter cup. The peanut butter cup bakes into the cookie and the two become one! It’s the perfect combination of cookie and candy, and looks impressive while still being so easy.

Be sure to make extra, because these cookies disappear fast!

19. Pumpkin Cupcakes With Cream Cheese Frosting

These pumpkin cupcakes will have you dreaming of autumn walks and falling leaves. The moist, spiced cupcakes are paired with a tangy cream cheese frosting. This classic combination is flavorful but not too sweet, so it will please adults and kids alike.

Enjoy these cupcakes with a pumpkin spice latte or a piping hot mug of tea!

20. Chocolate Dipped Ghost Pretzels

These cute and creative dipped pretzels are super easy to make. They’re a great way to get the kids in the kitchen!

This spooky Halloween dessert is made by dipping regular hard pretzels into melted white chocolate. For the “ghost” effect, stick two candy eyes in each of the pretzel holes. Then, leave an open hole at the bottom for the mouth!

The decorating doesn’t have to stop there–try adding sprinkles for some extra crunch!

21. Spooky Boo Brownies

If you want a recipe that will please everyone, brownies are usually a safe bet!

This recipe looks complicated, but only takes a few steps to make. Cut your brownies into pieces, then top them with a large marshmallow “ghost”. A drizzle of white icing gives it a creepy look and helps keep the ghost in place.

All you have to do is add candy eyes, and you have an easy and spooky Halloween treat!

22. Frankenstein and His Bride Cupcakes

Layers of donut and cupcake create this towering and terrifying Frankenstein-inspired dessert.

Frankenstein’s head is made from stacked donuts covered with monster green frosting. Use any candy you like to decorate the faces, from M&M eyes to black licorice mouths. The black sprinkle hair provides texture and crunch when you bite into this decadent Halloween dessert!

23. Pecan Pie Bars

Pecan pie is a fall classic, and these bars make it even easier to share with friends!

Rather than a traditional circle pie, these bars are made in a 9×13 inch pan. The base is made from buttery, crumbly shortbread instead of pie crust. Syrupy brown sugar and crunchy pecans contrast perfectly for the ultimate sweet pie filling.

Simply slice up these bars and take them with you! No forks or plates needed.

24. Dirt Cake

Dirt cake is a childhood favorite and a staple at any Halloween party!

The creamy pudding filling is made from a mixture of cool whip and cream cheese. Crushed Oreos form the dirt layer on top, and help give this dish its chocolatey flavor and crunch.

If you want to up the spooky factor, add some gummy worms to your dirt cake too!

24 Spooky Halloween Desserts


  1. Choose one or more of these spooky Halloween desserts.

  2. Gather up all your ingredients.

  3. Get your kids to help you with the decorating!

  4. Share your scary treat with friends on Halloween night!

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