23 Easy Rum Cocktails

The easiest rum cocktails, just in time for summer!

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Updated June 15, 2022

Summer is the season of entertaining, so it’s always good to have a few cocktail recipes up your sleeve. And what tastes better on a hot day than sweet and fruity classic rum cocktails?

Rum cocktail

Whether you’re at a summer barbecue, or sipping drinks at the beach, there’s a rum cocktail for every occasion. I’ve compiled this list of my top recipes, from alcohol-heavy to alcohol-light rum drinks. And if you don’t drink, these recipes still taste delicious even alcohol-free.

All it takes is a few simple ingredients to elevate your summer happy hour. Next time the sun’s out, reach for one of these easy rum cocktail recipes.

01. Raspberry Rum Cocktail

What’s more summery than the taste of tart raspberries fresh off the vine? The strong flavors of raspberry and dark rum pair perfectly in this delightful cocktail.

Dark rum is barrel-aged longer than other varieties, which gives it a smoky sweet flavor. Mix with pureed raspberries, lime, ginger ale and fresh apple juice for the perfect bonfire hang out cocktail. It’s even better garnished with fresh raspberries, or a slice of pineapple.

02. Caribbean Rum Punch

Craving a Caribbean vacation? This rum punch recipe will take you there!

Simple fruit punch, light rum and a drop of grenadine makes up this classic beach resort cocktail. The sweetness of the pineapple juice mixed with freshly squeezed lime feels refreshing on even the hottest days. This rum classic cocktail just begs to be served with a little paper umbrella!

03. Rum Runner Cocktail Recipe

Named after the famous Florida “rum runners”, this cocktail mixes the nostalgic flavors of rum and banana. It’s a unique drink that will surely surprise your guests.

The rum runner is a bit of an old-fashioned cocktail, made popular in the 1950s. It includes rum, banana liqueur and grenadine, although I like to add a splash of pineapple juice too! This is a great drink for picnics in the grass and lazy afternoons.

04. Ginger Spiced Rum Negroni

Elevate summer evenings on the porch with this classy rum negroni cocktail.

Spicy ginger liqueur pairs perfectly with spiced rum in a medley of Jamaican flavors. Go for a high quality spiced rum for the best taste. This drink should be served over ice, and with a garnish of candied ginger.

05. Dark Rum Southsides

Light enough to sip, but flavorful enough to keep things interesting.

Sparkling water, lime juice, mint and dark rum are a refreshing combo perfect for any occasion. You can include simple syrup for a sweeter drink, or use a sweetened sparkling juice like San Pellegrino. I use the cocktail shaker to mix the ingredients, and add a sprig of mint for garnish!

06. 4th of July Rum Cocktail

This American inspired cherry cocktail brings back memories of barbecues and picnics in the park.

Brown sugar and spiced rum make this drink extra sweet, but you can tone it down with club soda. The key to mixing this drink is making sure the rum is room temperature, so the brown sugar melts. Ice and maraschino cherries are added at the end to guarantee ultimate refreshment.

07. Classic Daiquiri

There are so many variations of this sweet and sour drink, but I’m partial to the classic lime daiquiri! The best part is that there are only 3 ingredients: lime, simple syrup and rum.

This cocktail uses white rum, rather than spiced or dark. This gives it a light flavor that makes it so easy to drink. Since the ingredients are so simple, choose a high quality white rum so the flavor can really shine.

08. Spicy Mango Sake Rum Cocktail

Sake isn’t just for sushi nights! Hawaiian rum and sake come together in this Pacific-inspired fruity and flowery cocktail.

Sake smooths out the rum and tones down the alcohol flavor. The mango juice and mango liqueur give this cocktail a punch of sweetness. The rim is lined with crushed hibiscus flowers, which will have you daydreaming of an island getaway.

09. Guava Mango Rum Cocktail

Nothing looks better on a hot day than a bright orange mango cocktail. Mango, guava and pineapple are the stars of the show in this Mai-Tai inspired drink.

If you’ve never had guava, its flavor is somewhere between a pear and a strawberry. It has tropical notes that pair perfectly with a splash of white rum. Add a sprig of mint to garnish for a pop of color!

10. Rum Swizzle

Known as Bermuda’s national drink, this rum swizzle will transport you to a Tiki bar down south. Since it can be prepared in a pitcher, it’s a great drink to bring to gatherings.

This recipe uses ginger beer and lemon juice over the traditional fruit juice and bitters. The key ingredient however, is a good quality dark rum. Don’t forget the “swizzle stick” to stir, the true sign of an authentic rum swizzle!

11. Piña Colada

Is there any rum drink more iconic than the piña colada? Creamy and fruity and blended like a smoothie, this cocktail is basically a dessert!

The creaminess comes from coconut milk, which is blended with pineapple chunks. To keep the drink nice and frosty, I use pre-cut frozen pineapple in my piña coladas. White rum is traditional, but you can also add a splash of spiced rum to balance the sweetness.

12. Painkiller Cocktail

If you need something that hits a bit harder than a piña colada, this painkiller cocktail is for you. This recipe is kind of like the piña colada’s older sibling!

The coconut milk is toned down by the addition of orange juice. Instead of light rum, this recipe uses black spiced rum. If you don’t like overly sweet drinks, this is the rum cocktail for you.

13. Hurricane Cocktail

One sip of this drink and you can imagine lounging on a patio in the streets of New Orleans. The orange and lime juice give it a refreshing citrus twist, perfect for those humid evenings!

Grenadine gives this 1940s era drink its iconic bright red color. Although white rum is traditional, I like to add coconut rum for extra flavor. To be a true hurricane cocktail, make sure you serve this drink in a tall hurricane glass.

14. Cuba Libre

Spice up a boring old rum and coke by making it a Cuba libre! This sweet fizzy drink goes down easy, and is equally easy to make.

A Cuba libre mixes a good Cuban rum with coke and a refreshing spritz of lime juice. To be a true Cuba libre, use Mexican Coca-Cola as they do in Cuban bars. It’s sweeter than the U.S. version, but beware it can be hard to find!

15. Hot Buttered Rum

When we think of rum we think of summer cocktails, but rum is also delicious in hot beverages. This recipe uses spiced or dark rum, which are guaranteed to warm your insides!

Warm butter, brown sugar and cream form the base of this beverage. You can then add whatever spices you like—I prefer nutmeg and cinnamon. A shot of rum tops it all off, then just add either whip cream or cinnamon to garnish.

Another option is to add vanilla ice cream for more decadence.

16. Classic Mojito

Simple and not too sweet, the classic mojito goes with any occasion. The key is to use white rum to keep this drink light and fresh.

Use freshly squeezed lime and plenty of fresh mint for the best results. Smash the mint with a wooden spoon before you add it to the glass, to release the flavors. You can top this cocktail off with club soda, or lemon-lime soda if you like it sweet!

17. Bushwacker

Dark rum and chocolate? Say no more, we’re there!

Creme de cacao, coffee liqueur and dark rum join together in this smooth and creamy Caribbean cocktail. Coconut cream and milk help round out the flavor and sweetness. Just blend with ice and this rich cocktail is ready for you to sip by the beach.

18. The Mai Tai

Fans of vanilla will love this sweet and syrupy Hawaiian rum cocktail.

Orange curacao, almond orgeat syrup and vanilla flavored simple syrup give this drink its tropical flavors. You can use either light or dark rum, depending on your preference. If you like something more fruity, you can include either orange or pineapple juice in this recipe.

19. Rum Sidecar

Impress your guests when you serve this classy cocktail at your next dinner party. This recipe is based off the classic sidecar, which uses cognac.

In this rendition, white or gold rum is mixed with Cointreau orange liqueur and strained into a martini glass. If you can’t find Cointreau, any type of orange liqueur will work. A spritz of lime juice helps cut through the sweetness, for a perfectly balanced cocktail.

20. Undead Gentleman

Want a little spice in your cocktail? This drink is flavored with cinnamon syrup and dark rum, to make it both spicy and sweet.

This fruity drink is strong, as it uses both aged rum and black rum. Freshly squeezed grapefruit and lime juice freshen everything up and add a hint of sourness. The original recipe also includes absinthe blanc—if you can get your hands on it!

21. Three Dots and a Dash

The perfect drink to sip during an evening dinner with music and friends. You’ll have people guessing exactly what’s in this spicy and fruity tiki inspired drink.

Honey and allspice pair perfectly with dark rum for a warm inviting flavor. Freshen it up with orange juice and lime, and don’t forget the maraschino cherries. This is a drink that can be enjoyed in any season, winter or summer!

22. Hemingway Daiquiri

Picnics call for pitcher cocktails, and this is an ideal recipe to make ahead of time and take anywhere. You can skip the ice, but make sure this cocktail is chilled before serving.

Maraschino liqueur and white rum keep this drink crisp and light. Refreshing freshly squeezed grapefruit juice and fresh lime juice provide a tangy and sour contrast. For sweetener, opt for maraschino cherry juice instead of plain simple syrup for more flavor.

23. Zombie Cocktail

Rather than just one type of rum, this drink has three! This super boozy cocktail includes dark rum, light rum, golden rum and apricot brandy.

Orange, lime and pineapple are the most common juices to add, but passionfruit and grapefruit are also popular. Serve this cocktail blended with ice for the perfect summer sipping drink. The best part about a zombie is that there’s so many ingredients, you can tweak it to your tastes!

23 Classic Rum Cocktails


  1. Pick out one of these delicious classic rum cocktail recipes.

  2. Get your blender or cocktail shaker ready.

  3. Mix together your drink, and don’t forget the little umbrella!

  4. Kick back in the sun and enjoy a refreshing tropical treat!

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