What Sauces to Serve With Spinach Ravioli

Fill your belly with filled pasta and fantastic sauce.

Elen Rustick By Updated January 14, 2023

It can be hard to choose what sauces to serve with spinach ravioli — because they’re all so delicious! With any of the recipes on this list, you’re sure to make your pasta dinner a success.

what sauces to serve with spinach ravioli

Ravioli is an Italian filled pasta. Most often, it has a ricotta filling.

However, sometimes chefs add other ingredients, such as fresh spinach. Then they wrap this cheesy filling in a delicate envelope of semolina dough.

Ravioli comes in different shapes, such as circles, squares, or mezzalune (crescents). And there’s a long history of people enjoying this pasta in any form.

In fact, ravioli dates back to the 1300s when people of every class loved this dish.

Usually, modern chefs serve spinach ravioli with a simple olive oil or brown butter sauce. However, there are so many options that complement this pasta!

Because spinach ravioli is relatively mild in flavor, you can pair it with lots of sauces. For example, tomato sauce is a common topping, and there are two tangy options on this list.

As well, a cream sauce like alfredo works really well with the rich interior of the spinach ravioli. Or, try a classic pesto.

Buon appetite!

what sauces to serve with spinach ravioli recipe

01. Alfredo Sauce

In terms of richness, this alfredo is the most sublime sauce on the list! It uses three different dairy products for texture and flavor: butter, heavy cream, and parmesan cheese.

Although it’s so delicious, this garlic cream sauce only has 5 ingredients and takes 10 minutes to make. Just whisk everything together in a saucepan, and you’re done!

Plus, spinach and cheese ravioli with alfredo sauce is the perfect comfort food for a cold night in.

02. Tomato Sauce

Don’t reach for a jar when homemade tomato sauce tastes so good! In particular, the fresh basil, oregano, and mint add a boost of freshness that plays well with the tart tomatoes.

You can also add some chopped parsley for even more herb flavor.

As well, this light tomato sauce cuts through some of the heaviness of spinach and ricotta ravioli, so you won’t feel too stuffed.

03. Garlic Butter Sauce

This garlic butter sauce is a 5-minute miracle! The balance of flavors between rich butter, zingy garlic, and tart lemon juice is perfect.

I like to use unsalted butter so that I can control how salty my sauce is. But if you only have salted butter, use that and cut back on any extra seasoning until you taste the sauce.

And if you want it a little hotter, add a pinch of red pepper flakes.

04. Mushroom Sauce

You don’t need meat to make a savory, satisfying sauce. Mushrooms are “meaty” too, and they add umami — that extra taste that complements the other four!

While this sauce is delicious over cooked ravioli, I love having leftovers and trying them on other things. For instance, these mushrooms also taste amazing on grilled chicken, steak, boiled potatoes, or just on a piece of toast!

05. Sage Sauce

I didn’t think I could make a full-flavored ravioli sauce with only 3 ingredients. But it’s possible!

When you brown butter, the milk solids cook and get a nutty flavor. Then, combine this with aromatic sage and cracked black pepper, and you have an elegant sauce.

I love that this sauce is flavorful but delicate enough that it doesn’t overpower spinach-ricotta ravioli. In particular, it’s a great sauce to let homemade pasta shine.

06. Olive Oil Sauce

Save your arteries and skip the butter! This sauce cuts down on cholesterol, but not on flavor.

Olive oil is naturally a little bitter, and this cuts some of the creaminess of cheese-filled ravioli. As well, the lemon juice and fresh parsley brighten the sauce.

Also, this olive oil garlic sauce only takes 5 minutes, so it will be done faster than your spinach ravioli!

07. Lemon Butter Sauce

Rich, but also tangy? This sauce can do it all.

This creamy sauce is a little lighter than something like alfredo because you use milk rather than heavy cream. As well, the lemon juice and fresh veggies keep the sauce from tasting too heavy.

I love to be decadent and add a little grated parmesan cheese at the end — and I put more on top of my pasta!

08. Tomato Basil Cream Sauce

You won’t believe this creamy tomato basil sauce is vegan! So, if you want a luxurious texture without the dairy, this recipe is for you.

Rather than using cream or butter, this sauce uses blended cashews for a luscious mouthfeel. In addition, the nutritional yeast gives the sauce a cheesy flavor.

If you have vegan guests, swap the ricotta ravioli for dairy-free pasta filled with butternut squash or mushrooms.

09. Pesto Sauce

Brighten up your plate with this bright green sauce. Plus, basil pesto is as flavorful as it is colorful.

Pesto sauce is great to make in the summer when fresh basil is plentiful. Also, you can try other fresh herbs in pesto too.

If you can’t find pine nuts (or they’re too expensive), substitute another nut or sunflower seeds. However, pine nuts will make your pesto extremely creamy.

10. Truffle Sauce

There’s nothing more elegant than cooking with truffle oil. And if you love mushrooms, this recipe is heavenly.

Because you use truffle oil, you don’t have to fuss with fresh mushrooms. However, the taste of truffles is very potent, so you’ll still have a flavorful sauce.

I love to keep truffle oil in my cupboard for a variety of recipes. So, try your leftover oil on French fries or pizza!

11. Walnut Sauce

This simple Italian sauce needs more publicity! Most Italian restaurants have tomato and cream sauces, but this walnut sauce is tasty enough to be on any menu.

The secret ingredient in this recipe is white bread. This gives the sauce body without adding lots of fat and making it greasy.

12. Bolognese Sauce

With three types of meat, this traditional bolognese sauce will satisfy any carnivores at your table. It uses ground beef, pork, and pancetta to make a robust spinach ravioli topping.

Since this sauce is so filling by itself, I like to eat the leftovers on plain spaghetti for lunch the next day.

Also, for a creamier sauce, add a few tablespoons of cream cheese to replace an equal amount of milk.

What Sauce to Serve With Spinach Ravioli


  1. Boil some spinach ravioli.

  2. Pour on your favorite sauce.

  3. Mangiare! Eat!

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