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What to Serve with Breakfast Casserole: 13 Incredible Side Dishes

Find the perfect pairing for this hearty breakfast main!

Elen Rustick By Updated September 3, 2022

It can be hard to know what to serve with breakfast casserole since it already contains so much!

what to serve with breakfast casserole

A hearty casserole dish is usually made with layers of potato, cheese, sausage and egg. It’s a good choice for holidays like Christmas morning and Thanksgiving when you need to feed a crowd.

Breakfast casserole is a great make-ahead time saver, so any side dishes should be equally as easy!

Side dishes like buns or hash browns that cook at the same time are ideal. Fruits are also one of my favorite options, to keep this meal balanced and help you stay energized all day.

The great thing about breakfast casseroles is that they’re adaptable. You can alter the ingredients to go with whatever side you’re serving.

Let me help you find the perfect breakfast casserole side dish with this selection of delicious recipes.

what to serve with breakfast casserole serve

01. Fresh Fruit Salad

What better side to go with a hearty breakfast than a fresh fruit salad! There are no rules to a fruit salad, so you can include whatever your favorite fruits may be.

Fresh fruits like strawberries, blueberries, kiwi and grapes are my go-tos! This recipe includes a delicious honey-lime dressing which helps bring out all the sweetness of the fruit.

Keep in mind that fruit salad tends to get soggy, so try to eat it the same day it’s made!

02. Hash Browns

These hash browns are inexpensive, easy and universally loved by all!

Just a sprinkle of salt and pepper gives these potatoes a surprising amount of flavor. When fried in the skillet, these shredded potatoes get extra crispy.

They’re the perfect starch to compliment a protein-heavy breakfast casserole.

03. Bacon & Eggs

There’s never a wrong time for bacon!

Bacon and eggs are the perfect side for any breakfast, including breakfast casserole. The crispy bacon has the perfect amount of saltiness to compliment the eggs.

This combination is also low carb, which makes it a great alternative to side dishes like toast.

04. Pancakes

Sweet and fluffy pancakes are the perfect side for nice and tasty breakfast dishes.

To make things easy you can use boxed pancake mix, or make your batter from scratch! Plain pancakes with syrup are traditional, but I like to include either blueberries or cinnamon for more flavor.

A trick for the perfect pancakes is to make sure your batter is slightly lumpy. This creates little pockets of air and results in fluffier pancakes!

05. Breakfast Sausage

When I want a meaty side dish full of flavor, breakfast sausages are my go-to!

Homemade breakfast sausages are easier to make than you think, and you can add whatever spices you like. Earthy sage, thyme and nutmeg give these sausages a sweet and savory flavor.

There’s no need to use casing, just fry them right in a skillet and serve! Keep a batch of these sausages in the freezer and you’ll never be short of a delicious side dish.

06. Yogurt Parfait

A healthy breakfast side that tastes like a dessert? Sign me up!

Yogurt parfaits are made by layering fruit, yogurt and granola. It’s the perfect combination of creamy and crunchy!

I use greek yogurt since it is thicker and creamier. You can even make your own granola at home by simply toasting rolled oats and honey.

07. Monkey Bread

This sweet and spiced pull-apart bread is a guaranteed hit with kids.

Monkey bread is a bit like mini cinnamon buns! It’s baked as one big loaf but comes apart in pieces—making it perfect for sharing!

This is a great side to serve at a big holiday breakfast. To fancy this dish up a bit, try baking your monkey bread in a decorative bundt pan!

08. Fried Apples

A decadent way to include fruit in your holiday breakfast! This side dish is especially festive when apples are in season around Thanksgiving.

The sweet juices from the apples get caramelized from the heat of the frying pan. Meanwhile, the cinnamon sugar becomes deliciously syrupy.

You can also serve these fried apples for dessert, just add a topping of whipped cream.

09. Green Salad

Serve this green salad with your savory breakfast casserole for a delicious brunch.

Red onion, sunflower seeds and bacon are an easy way to transform salad greens into something magical. A tangy mustard balsamic dressing enhances all the individual flavors and brings this salad together.

Adding a salad to your breakfast casserole makes it a healthy and balanced meal.

10. Fruit Smoothie

If you have trouble getting your daily serving of fruits, try this fruit smoothie!

To keep things simple, I use frozen pre-packaged fruit. Some of my favorite combinations are strawberry and pineapple, or blueberry and banana.

To get your dose of veggies, you can even sneak some spinach or kale into your smoothie. Trust me, you won’t even taste it!

11. Biscuits

Fluffy buttery biscuits are the perfect vehicle for your favorite jams and honeys.

If you’re tired of toast, try making these simple homemade biscuits instead! Fresh out of the oven, they’re flaky, tender, and go with practically anything.

For an on-the-go breakfast, slice your biscuit in half and make a sandwich with your breakfast casserole!

12. Breakfast Enchiladas

Instead of serving your breakfast casserole with bread, try wrapping it in a tortilla! These breakfast enchiladas are a great way to serve your breakfast casserole with a Mexican twist.

Bacon, sausage, cheese and egg are all wrapped up in a flour tortilla and topped with enchilada sauce. The spicy enchilada sauce seasons everything perfectly and keeps the egg from becoming too dry.

This is a great dish to make ahead of time and pop in the fridge for the next morning!

13. Cinnamon Rolls

The ultimate Christmas morning treat!

Fluffy, sugary cinnamon rolls bring back all the memories of Christmas morning as a kid! I use cream cheese frosting for a hint of tanginess to contrast with the sweetness.

Pair these cinnamon rolls with a tasty breakfast casserole and bacon for a sweet and salty combination!

What to Serve with Breakfast Casserole: 13 Incredible Side Dishes


  1. Choose one of these delicious breakfast casserole side dishes.

  2. Start the coffee maker and gather up your ingredients.

  3. Make the ultimate breakfast for your family!

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