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What to Serve with Fried Green Tomatoes: 14 Savory Side Dishes

A must-have summer appetizer during tomato season!

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Updated January 2, 2023

Wondering what to serve with fried green tomatoes? This bold appetizer deserves equally bold sides like tangy dipping sauces and spicy Cajun seafood!

what to serve with fried green tomatoes

Fried green tomatoes are a culinary creation from the Southern United States. It’s a dish made from unripe green tomato slices, deep fried in a crispy cornmeal coating.

Since green tomatoes have less moisture than ripe red tomatoes, they hold together better when fried. They also have a unique tangy flavor, similar to fried pickles!

The simplest and most classic way to enjoy fried green tomatoes is with a creamy dipping sauce. Remoulade sauce is a Creole staple, but other dips like chili sauce pair perfectly too!

Many Southern restaurants serve fried green tomatoes as a side for mains like catfish or fried chicken. Fried tomatoes also make the most delicious tomato sandwich ever!

Fried green tomatoes are the perfect side dish or appetizer for beginner home cooks. Your guests will love their irresistible crispiness and classic taste!

what to serve with fried green tomatoes recipe

01. Remoulade Sauce

You can’t serve Cajun food without this traditional creamy sauce!

Remoulade combines the slightly sour flavor of capers and mustard with creamy mayonnaise and savory garlic. It’s a classic accompaniment for fried foods as the tartness helps cut through the fat.

Southern-style remoulade almost always has an element of spice. Hot sauce or Creole seasoning adds a kick of heat that will elevate any meal.

02. Sriracha Sauce

This homemade version is even tastier than the original!

Making hot sauce from scratch allows you to tailor the salt, sugar, and spiciness to your tastes. This copycat sriracha is packed with habanero chilis and red chilis for plenty of heat.

A touch of honey balances the flavors and adds even more depth to the sauce. This sriracha is delicious all on its own or added to a marinade or dip.

03. Country Fried Steak

The only thing that can make steak better is to fry it!

Country fried steak is coated in a tangy buttermilk batter and then deep-fried until golden brown. The batter seals in the juices while the meat cooks, and gives it an irresistible crispy coating!

This is a great dish to try if you want something different than regular fried chicken. Remember to save the pan drippings to make an equally delicious gravy.

04. Fried Chicken

With a unique blend of seasonings, this is a new take on an old classic.

Cayenne pepper, garlic powder, and cumin give this chicken spiciness and depth of flavor. Buttermilk batter keeps the meat tender and moist, and adds a touch of tanginess too!

This chicken can be served hot or cold, which makes it perfect for potlucks. Try adding it to a sandwich with coleslaw for a quick lunch!

05. Eggs Benedict

Surprise your family this weekend with this one-of-a-kind breakfast dish.

Poached eggs smothered in smooth rich Hollandaise sauce is the perfect way to start the day. If you want a truly decadent treat, add crispy bacon on top as well.

You can customize eggs Benedict any way you like with ingredients like lobster or spinach. You can even add a southern touch to this dish by eating fried green tomatoes on the side!

06. Fried Catfish

When you’re in the mood for seafood, you can’t go wrong with this southern delight.

Catfish has a dense texture, which helps keep it intact when you fry it. Its mild, moderately sweet flavor also helps combat the fattiness from frying.

Since this recipe uses cornmeal instead of flour, it’s an excellent gluten-free option! The cornmeal also provides a unique grittiness that makes the coating extra crunchy.

07. Black Eyed Peas Cucumber Salad

This hearty legume can spruce up any salad!

Black eyed peas are native to Africa but are now a staple in many American dishes. This vibrant salad recipe combines this protein-rich legume with tangy ingredients like tomatoes and red wine vinegar.

For the best result, toss this salad and let it marinate overnight. The black eyed peas will soak up the vinegar dressing and give every bite a pop of flavor!

08. Eggplant Parmesan

Gooey, cheesy and so deliciously rich!

This healthier version of chicken parmesan uses fried eggplant rounds in place of chicken. While the dish cooks, the eggplant absorbs all the flavors of the tangy tomato sauce like a sponge.

Fresh mozzarella is key to getting that picture-perfect gooey cheese pull. Serve this eggplant parmesan with rustic crusty bread or your favorite pasta for the ultimate comfort meal.

09. Crab Cakes

A deceivingly easy appetizer that’s perfect for entertaining!

Bring a little east coast flair to your delicious meal with these crispy seasoned crab cakes. A blend of Old Bay seasoning and fresh parsley helps the subtle seafood flavors shine.

Use fresh or frozen lump meat for your homemade crab cakes to give them more bite. For a guaranteed crispy crust, I prefer to use panko over regular bread crumbs.

10. Fried Pickles

Just like they serve at your local pub!

Cajun seasoning helps give this fried treat that authentic southern spiciness. The pickles are tossed in seasoned flour which gives them a crispy coating and seals in the juiciness.

If you want to cut down your prep time, use already sliced dill pickles from a jar. Double down on the tangy flavors and serve this fried treat with a buttermilk ranch dip.

11. Garlic Aioli

Fancy up your fried dishes with this luxuriously creamy dip!

Aioli is a step up from standard ketchup— it’s still tangy but much more rich and flavorful! Egg yolk is the main ingredient that gives this dip its silky smooth texture.

Zesty lemon juice freshens up the overall flavor and makes this sauce a great companion for fatty foods. If you want to lean into those zesty flavors even more, replace half the mayonnaise with sour cream.

12. Cheese Grits

Warmth and comfort in a bowl!

These cheesy grits are filled with richness thanks to ingredients like sharp cheddar, parmesan, and heavy cream. The stone ground grits give this creamy meal a hint of texture and that subtly sweet corn taste.

These grits are the perfect side for rich meat or seafood dishes. Or if you’re like me, you can eat them on their own with a spoon!

13. Tartar Sauce

The tangier cousin to remoulade sauce!

Ingredients like chopped pickles, capers, and champagne give this sauce a unique brightness and acidity. Blend them with creamy homemade mayonnaise and you have a rich vibrant sauce suited for seafood and fried dishes.

If you can, use fresh herbs rather than dried ones for your tartar sauce. Fresh herbs have more flavor and give the sauce a better texture too.

14. Creamy Coleslaw

No need to buy pre-packaged coleslaw when the homemade version is this easy!

Coleslaw combines creamy and crunchy together in one dish! Crisp green cabbage gives this salad texture, while grated carrot adds a pop of color and sweetness.

Let your coleslaw marinate in the tangy buttermilk dressing for at least an hour before serving. This lets the juices penetrate the cabbage so it doesn’t taste bitter.

What to Serve with Fried Green Tomatoes: 14 Side Dishes


  1. Choose one or more of these delicious dishes.

  2. Go shopping for your ingredients.

  3. Fry up those green tomatoes and prepare your sides.

  4. Enjoy a southern-inspired summer meal!

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