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What to Serve With Mahi Mahi (17 Tasty Sides)

Make your mahi mahi into a mouth-watering meal with these side dishes

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Updated August 4, 2022

Don’t worry any longer about what to serve with mahi mahi! Whether you prefer pan-seared mahi or oven-baked mahi, I’ve got many side dishes to choose from.

what to serve with mahi mahi

Mahi mahi, or common dolphinfish, lives at the surface, has ray fins, and can be found in different vibrant colors. They dwell in off-shore, tropical, and temperate waters worldwide – most notably in Hawaii, Costa Rica, the Indian Ocean, and the Gulf of Mexico.

This fish is a tasty catch and cheaper than alternatives such as halibut. You can fry, grill, broil, or oven bake it according to your personal preferences.

Check out my list of yummy recipes that will complement the delicate flavors of mahi mahi. These include staples such as rice, cream sauce, and grilled vegetables and more exotic side dishes such as pineapple mango salsa and avocado salsa.

what to serve with mahi mahi serve

01. Mashed Potatoes

Serve a firm family favorite with your mahi mahi. The key to this dish is the slow-roasted garlic – it takes about an hour in the oven, but you can use this time to prep the potatoes and get on with other jobs.

The recipe suggests you leave some lumps when mashing, but take longer over this if you like a really smooth consistency. And add some more butter and condiments such as onion powder or fresh herbs when you serve to really enhance the flavor.

02. Roasted Vegetables

This is an ideal side dish to prepare when you have veggies lurking in your refrigerator that need to be used up! And you can use whatever is in season – some options are carrots, sweet potatoes, a bell pepper, or brussel sprouts.

The garlic, kosher salt, black pepper, and garlic powder give the veggies some flavor, and the olive oil makes sure they go nice and crisp. Mix it up with some other spices such as cayenne pepper if you like a little heat.

03. Grilled Vegetables

Add some color to your dinner plate with this assortment of healthy veggies. Root vegetables, peppers, red onion, and asparagus, are all great options for this dish.

If you’re serving at a bbq, you can skewer the veg to grill it. The marinade includes an Italian seasoning – if you can’t find this at the grocery store, you can make your own by mixing dried herbs and garlic powder.

04. Cilantro Lime Rice

You don’t have to stick to boring rice dishes to serve with your mahi mahi. This is a quick recipe that really adds some flavor to the rice and uses simple ingredients.

All you need to do is cook your rice as you would normally. Then, add some fresh cilantro – as much or as little depending on your preference – some salt and fresh lemon and lime juice.

05. Avocado Salsa

Brighten up your meal times with this colorful and vibrant salsa. There’s no cooking time needed, simply dice and chop the ingredients, mix, and that’s it!

For the best results, try and pick avocados that are just ripe enough, so have a forest green hue and are only a little bit soft. And if you’re not keen on using cilantro, try substituting it for another herb like parsley.

06. Ranch Dressing

Master this side dish and it’ll soon become a favorite recipe to serve with different types of grilled fish and meat as well as with mahi mahi. You can make your own dressing easily at home and don’t need to rely on shop-bought.

The mayonnaise and sour cream give this sauce a really creamy texture, and the lemon juice adds a touch of tartness. If you have the time, make it the day before – it’ll taste all the better after a night in your fridge.

07. Cream Sauce

To add a touch of decadence to your mahi mahi meal, try making this indulgent creamy sauce. The parmesan cheese, butter, and garlic give it a strong but yummy taste that will go well with your fish dish.

It’s best to make this sauce the day you’re serving, although you can store it in your refrigerator and reheat it. And it’s easy to multiply if you’ve got many hungry mouths to feed!

08. Pineapple Mango Salsa

Add a tropical touch to your grilled mahi mahi and transport yourself to somewhere hot and sunny. This refreshing, delicious side dish requires no cooking and takes just 10 minutes to prep.

Add a jalapeno and red bell pepper if you like spicy food. The lime juice gives it a sour kick, and adjust the amount of salt if you want more to balance out the sweetness of the fruit.

09. Lemon Couscous

This side dish’s light and delicate flavor pairs well with your mahi mahi fish fillets. And you only need a few basic ingredients, including chicken broth, fresh lemon juice, and garlic, and 10 minutes to perfect it.

Try to source a Moroccan couscous, which has a lovely and soft texture and will cook the quickest. Plus, make this side dish your own by experimenting with nuts, herbs, lemon wedges and roasted veggies.

10. Sweet Potato Fries

Turn your mahi mahi into a main meal by baking these delicious fries. The sweet potatoes are tossed in avocado oil and seasoning to give them a tasty crisp outer.

You can add spices such as cumin or paprika if you prefer your fries with spicy flavors. Or the kids would love them mixed with cinnamon sugar as a treat.

11. Bacon Asparagus

Create a meal that’s full of different tastes and textures. The saltiness of the bacon mixed with the tender crunchiness of this green vegetable is a great accompaniment to your soft, delicate mahi mahi.

Use a good quality extra virgin olive oil for the marinade. And try and stick to thin bacon as this will cook quicker and go nice and crispy in the oven.

12. Peach and Nectarine Salsa

For something a bit out of the ordinary to serve with mahi mahi, have a go at this tasty fruity side dish. It not only tastes good, but will also boost your vitamin C intake for the day.

It’s simple to make – combine the fresh ingredients in a bowl with some salt, pepper, and a little chili powder. This salsa will last for a day or so in an airtight container in the fridge, so if you’re hosting a dinner party, you can make it ahead of serving.

13. Steamed Broccoli

Increase the amount of healthy greens you eat with this delicious dish that has a very simple cooking method. The broccoli is cooked in the microwave for a few minutes, before being tossed in a tasty seasoning.

Keep your broccoli with a bit of a crunch and it’ll add another texture to your mahi mahi meal. And if you’d prefer it roasted rather than steamed, the recipe covers how to do this too.

14. Cornbread

It can be difficult to think of what to serve with mahi mahi, so why not be bold and try a sweet side dish? Make your batter and bake in the oven and you won’t be disappointed with the results.

Reheat your trusty cast iron skillet in the oven and it’ll give this cornbread a crisp crust. And you can keep the cornbread in your freezer for up to 3 months, so make more and save some for another day.

15. Grilled Corn Salad

Serving your mahi mahi at a bbq or summer party? Try this crisp and refreshing salad that uses grilled corn to add a smoky flavor to the mixture.

The olive oil and apple cider vinegar make the dressing light but tangy. And for another texture and more salty taste, you can crumble some feta cheese over the top.

16. Greek Salad

Try something a bit different and turn your hand to this barley Greek salad. The different textures, colors, and fresh taste will go along with your mahi mahi to give you a delicious meal.

The barley takes a bit of time to cook, but you can use this time to spend on other chores or put your feet up. If you can, buy proper Greek feta and kalamata olives to make sure your dish is authentically Greek.

17. Cauliflower Rice

For a healthy, low-carb solution of what to serve with mahi mahi, opt for this rice dish made of cauliflowers. A food processor will chop the veg in minutes and makes it look like you’re having the real thing!

It can then be easily cooked in the microwave in just a few more minutes. And the seasoning is just a little pepper and flaky sea salt, or add some garlic salt if you’d prefer.

What to Serve With Mahi Mahi: 17 Fresh Sides Dishes


  1. Hand-pick the most delicious recipes from our list of what to serve with mahi mahi

  2. Assemble all the ingredients – check what you already have in your store cupboard at home

  3. Prepare your side dishes

  4. Serve with your fried or grilled mahi mahi and enjoy!