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What to Serve with Pulled Pork: 19 Delightful Sides

The tastiest sides to go with your favorite pulled pork recipe!

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Updated November 13, 2022

Wondering what to serve with pulled pork? Think outside of the box and serve pulled pork with one of these delicious side dishes!

Wondering what to serve with pulled pork

Pulled pork is a classic Southern sandwich made from slow-cooked pork. The tender meat is shredded and then simmered in a smoky-sweet barbecue sauce for maximum flavor!

Since pulled pork is typically served at picnics and barbecues, coleslaw and potato salad are classic sides. Coleslaw also makes a great sandwich topping to add crunch and freshness.

Southern dishes like creamy macaroni and cheese and sweet cornbread help balance the tangy barbecue sauce. And if you want to double down on smoky flavors, you can’t go wrong with traditional dishes like baked beans.

The beauty of a pulled pork sandwich is its simplicity, so I like to keep the sides easy and fun. Try one of these delicious pulled pork side dishes at your next barbecue or cookout!

Wondering what to serve with pulled pork recipe

01. Coleslaw

This crisp coleslaw is the perfect way to add texture to your bbq pulled pork sandwiches!

Pulled pork can be a bit one-note, but that’s where this coleslaw comes in. Made with green cabbage and a tangy buttermilk dressing, it adds a perfect pop of flavor.

If you’re a pulled pork purist, you can also enjoy this coleslaw on the side as a palette cleanser. Since coleslaw doesn’t get soggy, it’s a great option to bring to picnics!

02. Macaroni and Cheese

If you’re looking for flavor, you can’t go wrong with a classic side dish of mac and cheese!

This creamy pasta will win over even the pickiest eaters. Made with three different kinds of cheese and a hearty helping of shredded chicken, it’s both tasty and filling.

If you have the time, finish off your mac and cheese in the oven with panko crumbs. It adds the perfect amount of crunch to make each bite exciting!

03. Potato Salad

A zesty potato salad will keep your meal fresh!

This colorful potato salad is made with red potatoes, which are less starchy than typical Russet potatoes. The bright herb and mustard dressing perfectly complements the tangy pulled pork.

You can make this creamy potato salad a day or two in advance to save time. In fact, it’ll taste even better once the potatoes absorb all those delicious flavors!

04. Cheese Nachos

Need a quick party dish? These nachos are bound to be a hit.

It’s hard to resist a plate of nachos, especially one piled high with seasoned ground beef and queso sauce! The more toppings the better, so I like to load up my tortilla chips with beans and green peppers too.

If you prefer, swap out the ground beef and have pulled pork nachos! Leftover pulled pork also pairs well with tacos.

05. Baked Beans

Baked beans are perfect to make in big batches for large gatherings!

This childhood favorite is filled with the comforting sweetness of molasses and brown sugar. Additions like bacon give this dish smokiness and a hint of salt for the perfect balance of flavors.

If you’re so inclined, try adding chopped hot dogs for extra protein and flavor. The kids will love it!

06. Cornbread

It doesn’t get more Southern than pulled pork and cornbread!

Cornbread is an extremely versatile side dish that’s featured at any Southern picnic or barbecue. The subtle sweetness of cornbread is the perfect complement for rich meat dishes like pulled pork.

If you’re feeling creative, try making jalapeno cheddar cornbread for even more flavor. It’s great for dipping, or just pile your pulled pork right on top like an open-faced sandwich.

07. Broccoli Salad

Tired of tossed salads? This crunchy broccoli salad is the savory substitute you’ve been looking for!

This crunchy broccoli salad is perfect for taking on the go since it doesn’t get soggy! Savory elements like cheddar cheese and bacon make this salad rich and full of irresistible flavor.

Since broccoli is much more filling than lettuce, this healthy salad feels more like a meal than a side!

08. Macaroni Salad

This cold salad is the perfect potluck-friendly alternative to mac and cheese!

This salad’s creamy mayonnaise dressing is light and tangy thanks to the addition of lemon juice. Chopped fresh vegetables like bell pepper and celery add crunch to keep things interesting.

I like to add hard-boiled eggs to my macaroni salad for some protein and texture. If you find it needs salt, try mixing in some shredded cheddar cheese!

09. Vegetable Kabobs

If you’re barbecuing meats, throw these vegetable kabobs on the grill as well!

By skewering your vegetables, you can ensure each side gets perfectly crispy and charred. I like to use vegetables like bell peppers and onions because their high sugar content helps them caramelize!

There’s nothing wrong with cooking your vegetables on their own, but a little seasoning goes a long way. I like to marinate my vegetables in balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and herbs like oregano and thyme.

10. Sweet Corn Fritters

This unique cornbread alternative adds a summery vibe to any meal!

To make these savory pancakes all you need is whole corn, cheddar cheese, and buttermilk pancake batter. Using a skillet will help give your pancakes a crispy exterior that makes them perfect for dipping!

You can dunk these fritters in pulled pork sauce, or serve them with sour cream and chives.

11. Spicy Collard Greens

Anyone who doesn’t like collard greens hasn’t tried this recipe!

What makes collard greens so unique is their ability to soak up flavor. These collards are sauteed in a super rich medley of bacon fat, chicken stock, and caramelized brown sugar.

If that wasn’t enough, this recipe also adds tabasco for a fiery kick. This is a flavor-infused vegetable side dish that even picky kids will devour.

12. Honey Butter Biscuits

Butter and honey are the perfect salty-sweet combination.

These country-style biscuits are made with plenty of cold shredded butter for that perfect flaky consistency. A honey glaze gives them a hint of sweetness that pairs so well with dishes like baked ham and pulled pork.

I prefer to enjoy these biscuits right from the oven, with just a pat of butter. They also keep and travel well so they’re great for get-togethers!

13. Baked Sweet Potato Fries

Change things up and try these sweet potato fries in place of regular fries!

Sweet potato fries have the perfect sweet and earthy flavor that compliments most Southern dishes. Not only are sweet potatoes full of vitamins, but these fries are baked so they’re low fat too!

I like to serve my sweet potato fries with sour cream, or a mayonnaise and chili powder dip. But there’s also nothing wrong with classic ketchup or even barbecue sauce!

14. Fruit Salad

This ambrosia salad will bring back memories of childhood.

This creamy fruit salad requires almost no prep since all the fruit is canned. Papaya, pineapple, and mandarin oranges are typical ingredients, but you can use canned peaches and fresh grapes too!

The sweet fluffy dressing is made from Cool Whip and coconut flakes for added texture. Sour cream is another popular dressing that will make this dish more tangy than sweet.

15. Baked Potatoes

When I’m craving carbs, baked potatoes are my go-to treat!

Who can resist a steaming baked potato with a cool dollop of sour cream? Classic toppings like crumbled bacon and melted cheddar cheese give this dish its flavor and saltiness.

If you like your potato skins crispy, try cutting ¼ inch slits into your potato before roasting it. A drizzle of oil will help the edges crisp up, and add even more flavor!

An alternative to try with pulled pork sliders is air fryer potato wedges.

16. Onion Rings

Combat the sweetness of pulled pork with these super savory fried onion rings.

Yellow onions are the perfect choice for these rings since they don’t have that sharp bite. The addition of beer helps the batter stay light and fluffy while the onion rings fry.

These onion rings are so tasty they don’t need a dip—just a sprinkle of salt will do! Make and serve these onion rings right away, as the batter tends to get soggy over time.

17. Creamed Corn

There’s no need to use canned cream corn when the homemade version is this easy!

This is guaranteed to be the richest cream corn you’ve had! With ingredients like parmesan, heavy cream, and butter, it hits all the right salty, fatty, and creamy notes.

To add some freshness to the dish, I like to stir in a handful of chopped parsley. And if you’re a spice lover, try a dash of cayenne!

18. Succotash

This colorful succotash is a sneaky way to use up all those leftover vegetables.

Lima beans, corn, and red pepper are just some of the staples of this high-protein side. Most recipes use bacon for extra flavor, but you can omit it for your vegetarian and vegan guests.

Keep things fresh with a simple salt and olive oil dressing. Or if you want a more hearty, filling side you can add some heavy cream

19. Rice and Fruit Pilaf

This dried fruit and rice salad is the perfect side dish for autumnal pork dishes!

Warm spices like turmeric, cinnamon, and nutmeg give this dish a robust earthy flavor. These spices pair perfectly with dried fruit like apricots and cranberries.

You can serve this dish warm or cold, depending on your main meal. This side is a great companion for curries, meat stews, and roasted chicken!

What to Serve with Pulled Pork: 19 Delightful Sides


  1. Choose one or more delicious pulled pork sides from this list.

  2. Go shopping for your ingredients.

  3. Simmer your pulled pork while you prepare your side.

  4. Serve your sides and pulled pork at your next backyard barbecue!

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