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What to Serve with Salmon Patties: 16 Delicious Sides

A classic family meal made easy with the help of these sides!

Elen Rustick By Updated November 7, 2022

These flavorful sides will help you think of what to serve with salmon patties! There are simple recipes for midweek meals and fancier dishes for Friday nights.

what to serve with salmon patties

Salmon patties are thought of as fancy upscale fare now, but this dish actually has humble roots. Back in the Depression, Southerners were suffering from a niacin deficiency so the government made canned salmon a cheap staple.

Southern cooks got creative and ended up inventing salmon patties. And it didn’t take long for these delicious patties to become featured in Southern restaurants as an entree!

Salmon patties are typically made with a can of salmon, herbs, spices, and fillers like crackers or bread crumbs. Seasoned breading is what gives these tender flaky fried cakes their crisp exterior.

Fried salmon patties are usually served with classic sides like tartar sauce and roasted vegetables such as roasted asparagus. But I’ve dug up unique and delicious recipes that will freshen up this dish and make dinner fun.

Try one of these easy and quick salmon patty side dishes with dinner tonight!

what to serve with salmon patties recipe

01. Tartar Sauce

Nothing beats the freshness of tangy homemade tartar sauce!

Creamy and tart, this tartar sauce blends so well with the rich flavor of salmon patties. The fresh acidity from the pickles and lemon juice helps balance the fried breading.

If you want to reduce the fat in this recipe, replace half the mayonnaise with sour cream. Your sauce will still have all the complexity, but a much lighter flavor.

02. Remoulade Sauce

Give your salmon patties a Cajun flair with this spicy seafood sauce!

This remoulade is similar to the Southern version that is popular at Louisiana restaurants. It’s filled with complex flavors like caper brine, Creole mustard, and garlic.

The sharp tanginess of this dressing is the perfect side to freshen up your salmon patties. It’s also great for dipping your sweet potato fries!

03. Rice

Sometimes the simplest side is also the best, like this fluffy steamed rice!

The trick to making fluffy rice is not to add too much or too little water. For medium-grain rice, the perfect ratio is two cups of water to every one cup of rice.

I like to add some seasoning to the water to infuse my Basmati rice with flavor. Some of my favorite seasonings are chicken bouillon, garlic powder, and dried parsley.

04. Mashed Potato

Creamy potatoes and salmon are a classic comfort food duo.

These red-skinned mashed potatoes are blended with cream cheese for a unique tangy flavor. Salmon and cream cheese are a classic combination with a velvety mouthfeel that’s irresistible.

The best way to serve mashed potatoes with tender salmon patties is to lay the cakes right on top. Each bite of crispy patty will be met with a forkful of buttery whipped potatoes!

05. Fresh Assorted Salad

This deconstructed Caprese salad is the perfect upscale appetizer for dinners with guests.

Fresh mozzarella and tomato slices have a slightly sweet flavor that tastes like summer. A tangy lemon juice and olive oil dressing elevates all the flavors and ties the dish together.

Make sure you use the freshest tomatoes and herbs for maximum flavor. Drizzle the dressing on top just before serving so the fresh salad doesn’t become soggy.

06. Sweet Potato Fries

Once you try these sweet potato fries, you’ll never want regular fries again!

Sweet potatoes are full of vitamins and nutrients, so they’re a more guilt-free way to enjoy fries. Oven roasting brings out all that smoky sweet flavor, and crisps up the edges perfectly.

A good sprinkle of herbs will help bring out the earthy sweet potato flavors. I like to use parsley and a dusting of smoked paprika.

07. Coleslaw

This sweet crunchy salad will add a fresh element to your salmon patty dinner.

The garlic ginger dressing gives this side dish a unique Asian-inspired sweet and savory taste. Additions like sesame oil and tamari infuse the dish with that umami your tastebuds crave.

Add this colorful coleslaw as a garnish on top of salmon cakes. Finish it off with toasted sesame seeds and you have a restaurant-worthy dish!

08. Roasted Brussel Sprouts

This classic holiday side is full of depth and smokiness!

Roasting helps bring out the sugars in these brussel sprouts and caramelizes the outsides to perfection. Use fresh brussels sprouts rather than frozen, as they tend to crisp up better in the oven.

Balsamic vinegar cooks right into the brussel sprouts giving them so much intensity. I like to add a drizzle of honey to keep the dish balanced.

09. Worcestershire Green Beans

A tangy twist on this familiar kid-friendly side dish.

Worcestershire is filled with a umami flavor, which makes these green beans so rich. Fried shallot adds a touch of sweetness to round out the flavor.

Use fresh green beans so they keep their shape without getting soggy. And make sure you trim the fibrous ends before cooking.

10. Potato Salad

The creamiest potato salad ever, and it only takes an hour!

This salad’s rich velvety mayonnaise dressing includes tangy additions like mustard and apple cider vinegar. Celery and pickle provide some crunch to change up the texture.

I like to mix the dressing with the potatoes while they’re hot so they absorb the flavor. Let your potato salad marinate in the fridge and those flavors will set and taste amazing!

11. Grilled Vegetables

Show off your summer veggies with this simple grilled dish.

Vegetables like mushrooms take on a deliciously earthy flavor when grilled. Meanwhile, fresh vegetables like corn and bell peppers become crispy and caramelized due to their sugar content.

You can enjoy your vegetables with just salt, or add a tangy Dijon vinaigrette for a bright pop of flavor. If you have a barbecue, these grilled vegetables taste even better with a smoky charcoal finish.

12. Roasted Carrots

This sweet vegetable shines with a unique honey dressing! This one is perfect for kids and picky eaters.

Roasted carrots become sweet, crispy, and almost dessert-like in flavor. This recipe uses a ginger brown sugar glaze to accentuate those earthy sweet flavors.

I like to use whole carrots for presentation, just make sure you peel them beforehand. If you’re short on time, simply use pre-cut and washed baby carrots.

13. French Fries

Perfectly crispy french fries are the kind of appetizer everyone loves!

The trick to the crispiest homemade french fries is to soak your potatoes in water beforehand. This removes excess starch so the fries don’t stick together.

I like to keep my french fry seasonings simple with just salt and pepper, or parmesan cheese. Dip helps add flavor, so make sure you serve these with a spicy remoulade or garlic aioli.

14. Baked Beans

These baked beans taste like they simmered for days, but only take a few hours!

Beans are a protein-packed side that are filling, and full of complexity. The trick is to slow cook them for at least three hours to develop the flavors.

Smoked bacon adds fat and flavor, while brown sugar, tomato, and onion give the sauce depth. If you have time, make a big batch of these beans and freeze some for later!

15. Fried Okra

A southern delicacy that belongs right beside savory salmon patties!

This perfectly fried okra is crispy on the outside, and uniquely juicy and soft inside. The sweet grassy flavor makes it a great substitute for other vegetable sides like salad or beans.

To keep your meal from being too heavy, serve salmon patties and okra with a fresh dip. Tangy buttermilk ranch or sour cream and chives are my favorites!

16. Corn Chowder

Sweet and creamy corn chowder is a cold-weather favorite!

This entire soup can be made with pantry staples like canned corn, frozen vegetables, and potatoes. It’s filling enough to be a meal, but mild enough to serve as a side dish as well.

If you like your broth a bit thicker, you can puree some corn and re-add it to the soup. This will also give the dish a more rustic look and texture!

What to Serve with Salmon Patties: 16 Delicious Sides


  1. Choose your favorite salmon patty side dish from this list.

  2. Shop for your ingredients.

  3. Whip up your side, along with a batch of salmon patties.

  4. Serve up a classic delicious meal for family or guests.

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